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Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse

Novels > Post Original Trilogy Novels > The New Jedi Order

Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse

James Luceno

Del Rey

Release date:
October 1, 2000

The New Jedi Order

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
25.75 ABY



A string of smashing victories by the forces of the sinister aliens known as the Yuuzhan Vong has left New Republic resources and morale stretched to the breaking point. Leia Organa Solo, estranged from her husband, Han, oversees the evacuation of refugees on planets in the path of the merciless invaders. Luke Skywalker struggles to hold the fractious Jedi Knights together, even while one of them undertakes a bold but reckless undercover mission.

Manipulating their alliance with the amoral Hutts, the Yuuzhan Vong leave a cunning trail of vital information where New Republic agents are sure to find it—information the desperate defenders cannot afford to ignore: the location of the aliens' next target.

Then Han Solo stumbles into the dark heart of a raging battle, thus beginning a furious race against time that will require every skill and trick in his arsenal to win…


Taking place just after Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial, Han Solo and Droma are still looking for Droma's family around the galaxy. Leia Organa Solo, meanwhile, is trying the best she can to save refugees from the evil clutches of the Yuuzhan Vong. Seeing that the New Republic needs major help, Leia turns to the Hapes Cluster and tries to coerce the people of Hapes and its stay systems into joining the New Republic against the Vong. As for the Jedi, the tears that Vergere gave to Han and Droma in Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial appears to have worked to at least suppressing the disease which is eating away at Mara Jade Skywalker's insides, and regular copies of the tears would be able to help Mara stay alive.

Meanwhile, Wurth Skidder, one of Kyp Durron's Jedi, allows himself to be captured by the Vong to understand them, and Skidder begins a relationship with one of the Vong's yammosks, which are the battle coordinators for the Vong's coralskippers. Here, it is also revealed that Roa and Fasgo have been under this state with Skidder, and Fasgo dies from being overworked. Along Han and Droma's adventure for finding Droma's family alive, they stumble along a planet which they free a group of droids from being destroyed.

The New Republic guesses at the Yuuzhan Vong's next attack, and they believe that their next attack would be either at Corellia or Bothawui. As for the Vong themselves, they establish a treaty with the Hutts. Anakin and Jacen Solo see that in order to protect the Vong's possible invasion of Corellia is to use Centerpoint Station, a station placed in the Corellian system that is so powerful, it can wipe out a distant star. Unfortunately, it seems only Anakin can activate it since he was the one who shut it off several years earlier when the New Republic had problems with Corellia. When the time finally comes for the Vong's next attack, it turns out their attack was a complete surprise at the planet of Fondor because of its shipyards. During the battle, the Hapes Cluster joins in to fight off against the Vong with the Republic, and the Hutts betray the Vong for the New Republic.

Wurth Skidder dies when it was revealed of his true nature to the Vong when he tended the yammosk and was tortured to death. Droma's family happens to be in the battle at the time on a certain ship, and Han and Droma join into the battle. Unfortunately, the battle becomes an advantage to the Vong mostly at the end of the fight when Thrackan Sal-Solo fires a beam from Centerpoint Station to take out the Vong and wipes out most of the Hapes Fleet. Prince Isolder, who happened to lead the Fleet, is disgraced by the Hapans, and disregards even himself after he ignored a warning from Leia since she had a vision of the Hapans' defeat at Fondor earlier. Thrackan Sal-Solo, who lead the attempt to reawaken Centerpoint Station, and who caused the Corellian problem for the New Republic years earlier, is seen as a hero since the Vong were also defeated. As for Droma and his family, they and the rest of the refugees are shipped off to the planet Duro, setting up the plot for the next book in The New Jedi Order series, Balance Point. Also, it is revealed that Senator Viqi Shesh in the New Republic is working for the Yuuzhan Vong, as she gets frequent visits from the Vong's other spy, Executor Nom Anor.



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