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Ambush at Corellia

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Ambush at Corellia

Roger MacBride Allen

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
March 1, 1995

Corellian Trilogy

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
18.4 ABY



A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Arriving on the distant planet with Leia, their children, and Chewbacca, Han finds Corellia overrun with agents of the New Republic Intelligence and finds himself part of a deceptive plan whose aim not even he understands. One thing is clear: the five inhabited worlds of the sector are on the brink of civil war and the once peaceful coexistence of the three leading races—Human, Selonian and Drallan—has come to an end.

Suddenly all that Han, Leia, and others of the Alliance have fought for is threatened. As jammerships block all communication with Luke Skywalker and the outside universe, Han and Leia find themselves trapped on a world about to explode in violence unless they can meet a fanatical Rebel leader's impossible demands....


The New Republic is attacked by strange spies. Han Solo shoots and kills one of them only to find out that the spy is from his home planet of Corellia. Leia sends a message to Corellia about the attacks and tells the planetary government that they would like some help to find out who is behind these attacks. When they do not answer back; Luke Skywalker, Jacen, Kyp, Leia, Han and Chewbacca heads for Corellia. There they are Ambushed by Corellian Rebels only to figure out that the Corellian system has turned away from the Republic and has built their own Corellian Republic. Luke, Han, Leia, Kyp, Jacen and Chewbacca must escape Corellia and return home to Yavin safely.



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