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Army of Terror

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Army of Terror

John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
October 1, 1997

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.7 ABY



Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole want to make sure that Borborygmus Gog's Project Starscream has been destroyed. So they journey to the planet Kiva on the Outer Rim. Kiva is dark, rocky, and barren. Except for some strange shadows, the planet is completey lifeless. Somehow, Hoole knows that is where Gog's laboratory lies.

There, Tash and Zak will finally learn Hoole's terrible secret. And they'll come face-to-face with a horrifying new creature, the very first soldier in Gog's Army of Terror. The creature is a combination of every one of Gog's horrible experiments, and there is only one way to defeat him. Can Tash and Zak figure out the answer before it's too late?


The Aranda's are on the run. Star Destroyers are everywhere. Hoole has decided to end this mess once and for all, and sets course for Starscream headquarters on Kiva, a barren world where a scientist named Mammon had destroyed all life. As they are starting down, an ion cannon disables the 'Shroud', which smashes into the ground beyond repair. Tash and Zak are sucked into a "shadow" area where ghosts are screaming "MAMMON!!" at them. Hoole and DeeVee just barely pull them out. They reach Gog's headquarters, and a birth chamber that opens to reveal.... an ordinary baby.

At that moment, in walk a group of Rebel troops. They were planning to destroy Starscream themselves. They regroup at the Rebel ships, where one soldier suddenly vanishes - leaving behind his clothes and gear. Moreover, the child - Eppon, he calls himself - is suddenly larger. Imperial troops arrive, and the Aranda's are rushed to the ships with Eppon. However, before they get there, the shadow wraiths attack again. They finally reveal why: Hoole is Mammon.... the man who killed them all.

Then three more soldiers vanish.... and Eppon gets even bigger, with odd bruises starting to show up on him. Hoole vanishes, but that does not stop the shadows from attacking the children again. Hoole returns, and finally tells the whole story about his past. The shadows vow to execute him, and throw the children out. At that point, the Imperials break off from the Rebels and make a beeline for the children, and they are caught - by Borborygmous Gog. He reveals that they have stolen his ultimate weapon - the now teenage "Eppon." He turns Eppon loose on the Imperials, as he mutates into a monstrous form.

The kids race the angry wraiths to Gog's lab, where all find themselves in a battle with the seemingly unstoppable Eppon, a creature that combines all the worst elements of the previous experiments. Tash tries to talk Eppon into attacking Gog, but Gog remote control kills him first - he has learned from his mistakes. The wraiths arrive, and DeeVee risks its life to play an old tape of Gog plotting with Emperor Palpatine. Finally convinced Hoole is innocent, the wraiths attack and kill Gog. The Rebels make it out of the lab and off Kiva - with the Aranda's - before the Imperials can reach them.



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