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Battle for Naboo

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Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

Release date:
March 12, 2001

Published by:
LucasArts / Factor 5

Vehicular combat simulation

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32 BBY


Take to the skies above Naboo and protect the planet from the onslaught of a greedy invasion by the domineering Trade Federation. This is the call to arms in Star Wars: Battle for Naboo. Though most of the action takes place in a fighter or defense vehicle high above the Naboo landscape, story animations and ship selection options take place in 3D-rendered scenes on the planet's surface.

In many aspects, Battle for Naboo follows in the worthy footsteps of the classic Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, designed to offer fast, furious dog-fights in the planet's atmosphere with an action-oriented, arcade style of play. A storyline set in the Episode I timeframe helps this title to stand out from its predecessor, as well as the larger areas for battle, some up to five or six times the size of those found in the Rogue Squadron games.

Game Codes & Cheats

Cheat Codes
At the options screen, enter these cheats as a passcode:

MELTDOWN - Rapid fire
UYCZNCAX - Double Secondary Weapon
ABVUSEAY - Unlock Heat Seeking Missiles
FJJCUAAC - Fit the N-1 with Cluster Missiles
HRDTOKIL - Advanced shields
LFZWKXAA - Infinite Lives

EBTRHBAF - Gian Speeder replaced by Buick
RQORACAQ - Unlock AAT (in some levels)
FRBPTDAY - Unlock Sith Infiltrator (in some levels)
XFIIYBAY - Unlock Swamp Speeder (in some levels)
NIZWAGAO - Unlock All Naboo Ships

JHGNRGAS - Unlock all regular and bonus levels

EOWXZGAS - View Development Team
JOBXXFAI - Unlock Art Gallery in show room option
RACTVBAH - Unlock Concert Hall in show room option
DIWMZIAR - View Credits



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