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Karen Traviss

Del Rey

Release date:
August 29, 2006

Legacy of the Force

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
40.25 ABY



A new era of exciting adventures and shocking revelations continues to unfold, as the legendary Star Wars saga sweeps forward into astonishing new territory.

Civil war looms as the fledgling Galactic Alliance confronts a growing number of rebellious worlds-and the approaching war is tearing the Skywalker and Solo families apart. Han and Leia return to Han's homeworld, Corellia, the heart of the resistance. Their children, Jacen and Jaina, are soldiers in the Galactic Alliance's campaign to crush the insurgents.

Jacen, now a complete master of the Force, has his own plans to bring order to the galaxy. Guided by his Sith mentor, Lumiya, and with Luke's young son Ben at his side, Jacen embarks on the same path that his grandfather Darth Vader once did. And while Han and Leia watch their only son become a stranger, a secret assassin entangles the couple with a dreaded name from Han's past: Boba Fett. In the new galactic order, friends and enemies are no longer what they seem....


In Bloodlines, a civil war continues to break out in the Galactic Alliance. Meanwhile, acts of terrorism force the Alliance to create even more repressive laws. Many families find themselves divided, including the Solo/Skywalkers as Han Solo's Corellian roots and Luke Skywalker's dedication to the Jedi are creating conflict. Meanwhile, Luke and Mara Skywalker fear for their son, Ben, when his Jedi Master, Jacen Solo, makes a dangerous choice. This choice shocks both families and the galaxy.

Many of his actions in this book are reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker's last days as a Jedi before being corrupted into Darth Vader. Jacen works closely with Cal Omas and other political leaders to establish a martial law environment against the Corellians. He heads up a campaign to capture Corellians on Coruscant and place them in an internment situation; his actions are such that those around him refer to him as a "pale imitation of his grandfather, Darth Vader." He orders a blockade against Corellia and he suspends his sister, Jaina, from combat missions for violating the "rules of engagement". Luke and Jaina are concerned that Jacen is turning to the dark side and that Ben needs a new master.

After going on numerous raids with Jacen, Ben gets the chance to make a decision about a raid in which he kills two people. This experience shakes him to the core, and he begins to distrust Jacen's teachings.

In this novel, Han Solo finally sees an end to his cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo, when Mirta Gev, Boba Fett's granddaughter, shoots him in the head.

Meanwhile, Jacen continues on the path to becoming a Sith, deciding that the only thing left for him to do is to 'immortalize his love' according to the Sith tassels. Jacen loves Tenel Ka and their daughter Allana very much, but if he is to achieve his full Sith ranking he must kill them. While wracked with doubt and sorrow, Jacen decides that the sacrifice is worthwhile if it means he can save the galaxy as a Sith. With that goal in mind, he believes he must conform himself in the image of his grandfather in order to achieve it. He even 'flow walks' through time with the Force to witness his grandfather's fall from grace (as portrayed in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) and finds that his journey is meant to be different. Jacen may yet acquire full Sith knowledge and acknowledgement and avoid making Darth Vader's mistakes.



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