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Bounty Hunter

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Star Wars:
Bounty Hunter

Release date:
December 5, 2002

Distributed by:

Third-person Action

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32 BBY


Taking place within the time period between Star Wars: Episode I and Episode II, Bounty Hunter chronicles the story of the ruthless Jango Fett as he journeys through the underbelly of the Star Wars universe to hunt down a rogue Dark Jedi. Boba Fett's father wears similar armor as his bounty hunter son, which means he can fly short distances with the use of a jetpack. Played from a third-person perspective, the game features a total of 18 levels spread across six chapters. Each level features primary and secondary objectives, the majority of which involve tracking down various thugs and capturing them dead or alive. To help in his pursuit, Jango Fett can use his trademark dual blasters, a flamethrower, thermal grenades, toxic darts, a sniper rifle, whipcord, and two types of jetpack-mounted missiles.

As Jango Fett travels across the 3D locales, which include the familiar worlds of Tattooine and Coruscant, he will encounter many different creatures and species. To determine which individuals have prices on their heads, players make use of Fett's ID scanner, which will display critical information on each selected character. Once a bounty has been discovered, an icon will appear on the screen to help guide players toward their target. Jango Fett can roll, somersault, climb hand over hand across ledges, crouch, jump, and lock onto enemies using an auto targeting system. Analog control means the bounty hunter can sneak, walk, or run while on the ground, and he is always free to use his jetpack's thrusters to climb into the air. Players must keep an eye on fuel consumption, however, as the jetpack will quickly lose power the longer the thrusters are engaged.

As Fett delves deeper into the worlds, context sensitive areas allow him to activate switches and doors, take control of stationary turrets, and use a cutting laser to reveal new areas. Players can only save their progress after each level, although the stages offer a number of checkpoints to continue from. In addition to claiming bounties and completing objectives, bonuses are available by finding hidden feather icons. These feathers unlock such features as outtakes and concept art. Other items available during the game include three limited-use weapons, including a heavy gun, grenade launcher, and a blaster rifle, two power-ups in the form of temporary invulnerability and longer flight time, and various pickups to replenish health and ammunition.

Game Codes & Cheats

At the code selection screen, enter the corrisponding code for the desired effect:
MANDALORIANWAY - Unlocks all chapters.
JANGOISBADDEST - Unlocks all levels.
R ARTISTS ROCK - Unlocks concept art.
GO FISH - Unlocks all TGC cards.

Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 2 console games can also be played on PlayStation 3 consoles with the following model numbers:
CECHA _ _ / CECHB _ _ / CECHC _ _ / CECHD _ _ / CECHE _ _ / CECHF _ _
(The PS3 model number is found on the backside of the console and is followed by two digits - Example: CECHE01)



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