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City of the Dead

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City of the Dead

John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
February 1, 1997

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.5 ABY



Welcome to the city of the dead…

When Hoole, Tash, and Zak stop on Necropolis to look for a new starship, Zak immediately makes friends with the local kids. And he's willing to pull a crazy stunt—like going into the Necropolitan cemetery at midnight—just to prove he's as tough as they are.

The cemetery is silent as death and full of white, wriggling boneworms. And maybe Zak should have thought twice before accepting this dare. Just because the bodies are buried doesn't mean they're dead.


Somewhere in space, the scientist in charge of Project Starscream becomes aware of D'vouran's failure - and the fact that Hoole was involved. He contacts the one in charge of part two of Starscream - Dr. Evazan - and warns him that Hoole may be coming for him next....

The rebel ship drops the Arranda's off on the nearest inhabited planet, Necropolis, to buy a new ship. They find themselves talking to living mummies, who welcome them. They run right into the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who is angry that he killed a bounty - only to have to kill him again a week later. He is looking for Dr. Evazan. One Necropolitan, Pylum, claims that the dead are walking in response to an ancient curse, that the old traditions of Necropolis have been defiled.

Zak is lured by local children into a trip to the graveyard, where he has caught by living corpses and brought to Evazan. Just as he is about to be converted into a zombie, Fett shows up and kills Evazan. As usual, nobody believes Zak's story about the walking dead. Pylum wants the boy killed, but the people refuse to punish him for mere ignorance of the laws. Zak shuts himself up in a hotel room.

Tash overhears Hoole and Fett discussing a "proposal." They then go to a starship yard and look over a former smuggling ship - where Zak runs into the dead Dr. Evazan! Yet again, he has gone when the grown-ups show up, and Zak looks like the kid who cried "Wampa" once again. Desperate, he asks Pylum for help and then are lured back to the cemetery and Evazan. Meanwhile, Tash follows Fett to find out his connection to Hoole. Fett catches her and wants to know about Evazan's apparent resurrection.

Evazan explains to Zak that he has developed a reanimation serum that can turn tons of corpses into the perfect soldiers. The other ingredient is the local boneworms who suck out bone marrow, thus kicking in the serum. He injects him with a diluted paralyser, and then the serum. The next Zak knows, everyone thinks he is dead and he is buried alive....

Tash and Hoole cannot understand why Zak apparently poisoned himself. They decide to check out his story after all, and dig up Evazan's grave while their droid DeeVee goes to finish purchase of the smuggling ship - which turns out to be Evazan's old ship, the 'Shroud' . DeeVee checks the computer records, and finds proof of everything Zak said....

Tash and Hoole come upon the zombies - and then an angry mob of Necropolitans who seize them. Pylum is revealed to be Evazan's assistant, who reveals Zak's true fate to a horrified Tash and Hoole - the boneworms are on him by now.... On the other hand, were about to be, until DeeVee dug him up. They rush to their family's rescue, along with Fett. The zombies are all killed, and the experiment materials destroyed. As for Hoole's proposal for Fett.... "Only a fool would take that job." The Aranda's take the 'Shroud' and leave Necropolis....



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