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John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
August 1, 1998

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:



In the Ruins of an abandoned Jedi Fortress on the remote planet Dantooine, Tash Arranda stands, all alone. At least, she thinks she's alone. She senses something in the ruins — Something Dark.

The darkness is stronger than Tash, and Against her will, she reaches out to it. It makes her feel powerful. And it frightens her. Tash doesn't know that this is only the beginning of a terrifying journey into an evil world, where she'll be forced to fight her own brother and uncle .... to the death!


The Arranda's are in hiding on the planet Dantooine. Tash is having a problem with one of the native Dantari, Maga, who she thinks is trying to kill them. In addition, she is also having a problem with the growing temptation to use the Dark Side. She and Zak come upon the Jedi ruins, and decide to look for any Jedi relics to help Tash learn about the Force. She finds a group of Rebels who seem.... well.... not too bright. They are trying to get their spaceship (actually a flimsy model) working on behalf of their leader. Tash is shocked to come upon a double of herself - an evil double who nearly kills her. She rushes back to the Dantari camp to find it in pieces - and Maga loudly accusing her and the Rebels of destroying it and taking his people prisoner. She finds out who the Rebel's leader is - Lord Vader?!? It seems to be - but he also seems fake. However, it does not matter, he wants the 'Shroud', and captures Hoole and Zak. Tash continues to search within the ruins and finds out what is happening - the evil double, Vader, the Rebels - they are all clones. Clones that are being grown in one helluva hurry.

An entire army of clones - now including clones of Hoole and Zak - are after her. When she is caught, "Vader" reveals that he intends to build a clone race of soldiers and slaves. All he needs now is the Shroud to get off the planet. Maga interferes long enough for the real Lord Vader to arrive. Lord Vader faces off against his doppelganger, giving the Arranda's the chance to escape. With the Dantari freed, the Arranda's rush off-world.



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