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Dark Apprentice

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Dark Apprentice

Kevin J. Anderson

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
July 1, 1994

The Jedi Academy Trilogy

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
11.25 ABY



As the New Republic takes devastating losses in the ongoing war with the scattered remnants of the Empire, the galaxy's future depends on three small children – among them the Jedi twins—born to incredible powers and perils, as an extraordinary new Star Wars saga unfolds…

While the New Republic struggles to decide what to do with the deadly Sun Crusher—a new doomsday weapon stolen from the Empire by Han Solo—the renegade Imperial Admiral Daala uses her fleet of Star Destroyers to conduct guerrilla warfare on peaceful planets. And now she threatens the watery homeworld of Admiral Ackbar.

But as the battle for a planet rages, an even greater danger arises at Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy. A brilliant student delves dangerously into the dark side of the Force and unleashes the spirit of an ancient master of the evil order that warped Darth Vader himself. Working together, they may become an enemy greater than any the New Republic has ever fought… more powerful than even a Jedi Master can face.


Kyp Durron begins his Jedi training with Luke Skywalker during this story, but first, he is being treated to the time of his life by Han Solo. Han felt that because Kyp had been in the mines most of his entire life, that he deserved to have a little fun.

When he does get to the Jedi Praxeum, he starts learning the ways of the light side of the Force, astonishing all the other students with his extraordinary talent and his aptitude for Force-training; unfortunately, he also starts learning of the dark side of the Force after Gantoris' death (Gantoris had been corrupted by the spirit of Exar Kun, but turned against him; in revenge, Exar Kun burned Gantoris alive). Exar Kun's spirit began tempting Kyp. Kyp's power increases considerably, and he is tainted by the dark side and the lies Kun told him of the history of the Jedi Order. After a violent disagreement with Tionne over ancient history (involving the fall of Exar Kun), Kyp assaulted Skywalker; with the dark aid of Kun, Kyp ripped Luke's soul from his body, placing him into a coma. With his strength in the Force, Kyp reached out and guided the Sun Crusher from the heart of the gas giant, Yavin, and set out on a mission of vengeance against Admiral Daala and the Imperial Remnant. He knows that his brother, Zeth Durron, is still part of the Empire and he sets course for Carida, intending to rescue him by force if need be.



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