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TV Series

Star Wars: Ewoks

First Air date:
September 7, 1985

Production Company:
Nelvana Inc.

26 Episodes. Total of 780 min.
(2004 DVD is only 177 min. total)

Created by:
Raymond Jafelice / Dale Schott

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
3.5 ABY - 4 ABY



Join your favorite Star Wars characters, the Ewoks, with this double-feature collection. Star Wars Animated Adventures: Ewoks includes two animated movies, ensuring hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. These head-over-paws excursions into the continuing adventures of the Ewoks take us to the forest moon of Endor where we find the lovable fur-balls still living in their tree top villages.

The Haunted Village:
In The Haunted Village the feisty Ewoks simply want to live in peace among their planet's natural wonders. There is trouble in paradise, however, when the Ewoks are suddenly plunged into a thrilling struggle to save their world from the Tulgah witch Morag. There is no low too low for Morag in her attempts to wipe out the Ewoks, exact revenge upon the Ewok wizard Logray, and capture the magic Sunstar and Shadowstone.

Tales From The Endor Woods:
In Tales From The Endor Woods, the Ewok adventure continue. We join the young woklings as they face-off against the Duloks, their distant cousins who live in the nearby swamp. The Duloks' attempts at undermining the Ewok Village are met head-on, resulting in many humorous and inspiring tales.



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