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Aaron Allston

Del Rey

Release date:
November 27, 2007

Legacy of the Force

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
40.75 ABY



Fighting alongside the Corellian rebels, Han and Leia are locked in a war against their son Jacen, who grows more powerful and more dangerous with each passing day. Nothing can stop Jacen’s determination to bring peace with a glorious Galactic Alliance victory–whatever the price.

While Luke grieves the loss of his beloved wife and deals with his guilt over killing the wrong person in retaliation, Jaina, Jag, and Zekk hunt for the real assassin, unaware that the culprit commands Sith powers that can cloud their minds and misdirect their attacks–and even turn them back on themselves.

As Luke and Ben Skywalker struggle to find their place among the chaos, Jacen, shunned by friends and family, launches an invasion to rescue the only person still loyal to him. But with the battle raging on, and the galaxy growing more turbulent and riotous, there’s no question that it is Jacen who is most wanted: dead or alive.


After the Hapans, led by Tenel Ka, decide to leave the Galactic Alliance, Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus devises a plan and kidnaps Allana to force Tenel Ka to continue supporting the government. Meanwhile, a Jedi strike team, led by Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, tries to take on Darth Caedus on Coruscant, but Caedus prevails with the help of some guards, ending with the decapitation of Mithric, a Falleen Jedi. However, the team successfully places a tracking beacon on Caedus.

Later, the team of Han, Leia, Jaina, Jag and Zekk slips aboard the Anakin Solo to get information on Dark Jedi Alema Rar, and with it they track her down to Lumiya's asteroid home and kill her with Jag's Mandalorian Crushgaunts. Also, Zekk sets Ship free with the use of the dark side of the Force. Jacen also decides to tell Allana that he is her father.

The climax begins with the Jedi interfering into the midst of a battle between the Galactic Alliance and the Confederation over Centerpoint Station in the Corellian system. A Jedi team, led by Kyp Durron with Valin Horn and Jaden Korr sneaks aboard Centerpoint Station in an attempt to destroy it. The Jedi team rescues Allana from Caedus (using Luke, Ben and Saba Sebatyne as a distraction). Kyp and the others destroy Centerpoint Station to prevent anybody else from using it again.

Han, Leia, Luke, Ben, and Saba make it back to the Millennium Falcon, being piloted by Jag and Kyle, rescue them. As they escape, Centerpoint Station explodes due to sabotage, taking with it much of the Corellian Fleets, Commenorian Fleets, and The GA Fifth Fleet. Kyle remarks that the destruction of Centerpoint station left a void in the Force.

The story ends with the revelation of Allana's parentage to Han and Leia, and Jaina telling Jag that she is going to seek out Boba Fett to learn some skills for the final showdown between her and her twin brother.



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