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Galactic Battlegrounds

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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Release date:
November 13, 2001

Published by:
LucasArts / Ensemble Studios

Real-time strategy

Single Player / Multi Player
(LAN + Online)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32 BBY - 6.5 ABY


Guide the Rebel Alliance to fend off the invading Empire or lead the Trade Federation to conquer the Naboo in this Star Wars real-time strategy built on Ensemble Studio's Age of Empires II (The Age of Kings) game engine. Though the fundamentals and mechanics of play are similar to those of Ensemble's popular 1999 war game, LucasArts brings a new look and style to the structure, with a developed single-player campaign and units, civilizations, and settings taken directly from the Star Wars stories.

The player begins in an untamed land with a small number of worker units, then must guide the faction to develop thriving communities and eventually a powerful military to defend the realm and conquer those of his or her rivals. As in Age of Empires and most other real-time strategies, computer and human opponents begin under similar circumstances and players race together to develop and expand their territories while keeping them defensible against one another's encroachment. As players gain control over more territory they find new sources of raw materials, which in turn provide them the means for further expansion and larger armies.

Six civilizations from the Star Wars universe are available for play, including the Wookies and the Gungans. While there is more apparent diversity in unit types between the various factions than in Age of Empires II, each Galactic Battlegrounds civ has its own equally powerful versions of infantry, aircraft, and siege weapons to maintain balance. The variety among the different cultures is evident in the distinct artwork used for each, but similar buildings have similar silhouette shapes, allowing players familiar with one civilization to quickly recognize the facilities of any of the other five races.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns expands the world of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds by adding two new military organizations: Count Dooku's Confederacy and the clone-fueled Galactic Republic. New units, such as power generators and Jedi Starfighters, increase the combat possibilities. Players can play through seven Confederacy missions and six Galactic Republic missions. The Confederacy must battle to keep the Republic from developing a super-weapon, while the Galactic Republic strives to utilize its incredible infantry strength, courtesy of the clones.

Note: The "Galactic Battlegrounds Saga" release in the "BUY MEDIA" window, includes both the original game and the expansion pack.

Game Codes & Cheats

Game Cheats:
Type the following codes into the game chat box:

forcefood - Gives 1000 Food
forcecarbon - Gives 1000 Carbon
forceore - Gives 1000 Ore
forcenova - Gives 1000 Nova

scaryneighbor - Get a Boat
galactic upheaval - Get a Decimator*
tantive IV - Get a Rebel Blockade Runner*
imperial entanglements - Get a Star Destroyer*
that's no moon - Get a Death Star*
simonsays - Get a Killer Ewok
forceboat - Get an Invisible Ship (screen must be over water when activated)

suddenly silenced - Buildings/turrets and units do extra damage*
the most powerful jedi - Jedi/Sith become stronger*
the force is strong with this one - Jedi/Sith converting becomes faster*
the fighters are coming in too fast - Air forces become faster*
intensify the forward fire power - Ground forces become stronger*

skywalker - Win Mission
forcesight - Removes Fog of War
forceexplore - Reveals Map
tarkin - Destroy everything belonging to all other players
darkside[number 1-8] - Destroy a specific civilization according to their # (1-8)
forcebuild - Instant Construction and Research (This happens to all teams, including the enemy)

* Indicates the cheat code is available only in the Clone Campaigns expansion.



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