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Ghost of the Jedi

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Ghost of the Jedi

John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
August 1, 1997

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.7 ABY



Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole are on the run from evil Imperial scientist Borborygmus Gog. The only place to hide is on Nespis 8, an abandoned space station.

There used to be a giant Jedi library on Nespis 8. According to Deevee, the library is still there, but it's cursed…and haunted by the ghost of a Jedi.

If they can find the library, maybe Tash and Zak can find a way to stop Gog.

But something is evil dwells on Nespis 8.

And it's much scarier than a Jedi ghost.


The Empire is chasing the 'Shroud' across the galaxy. Hoole, desperate to get away from the Imperial dragnet, takes the 'Shroud' to Tatooine and the palace of Jabba the Hutt. He puts himself in Jabba's debt in return for a way to contact the Rebels. Jabba can not help him there, but he HAS heard of something going on in the Auril system - and Jedi seem to be involved.... Hoole does not trust it, and asks Tash to talk to Forceflow. The penpal replies that it's time they met face to face, and provides coordinates - at the Auril system.

They nearly run into an abandoned space station - the Nespis VIII station, supposedly haunted by a Jedi ghost. Nevertheless, it is where Forceflow told them to meet him, and they dock and meet a man who answers to the name. He thinks there is a Jedi library here. In addition, if they find it, it will help them greatly against Vader and Gog. They also meet Dannik Jerriko and several treasure hunters - who are being killed off one by one.

Tash finds the library, but cannot get in - something is protecting the library, apparently the Jedi ghost. The kids also find cryogenically stored bodies in a hidden area. It becomes evident Dannik is the one who is killing the hunters - but he claims he is doing it to protect the children from a bounty hunter. Forceflow pushes Tash into going into the library alone, to face the ghost.... Aidan Bok, who explains that Gog used the "curse" story to capture people. He is searching for a Force-sensitive, just like Tash. She excitedly returns and reports this to Forceflow.... who morphs into Borborygmous Gog. However, he is - and always has been - Forceflow.

Tash and Aidan join forces (in both senses of the word) to defeat (and apparently kill) Gog and free Hoole, Zak, and the other prisoners. Aidan gives Tash some words of encouragement, then becomes one with the Force. Lady Skywalker arrives long after they are gone, and sees for herself the defeat of Gog and part five of Starscream.



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