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Holiday Special


The Star Wars
Holiday Special

First TV Air date:
November 17, 1978

Distributed by:
CBS / Various bootleg distributors

97 min.

Story by:
George Lucas

Star Wars Saga Timeline:



Han Solo and Chewbacca desperately try to reach the wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. It is soon Life Day (an important wookiee holiday) and Chewbacca’s family is waiting for him at home. The Empire however is on a constant hunt for rebels and the Falcon's planed arrival at Kashyyyk is delayed due to Imperial interceptions.

Chewbacca’s wife Malla, his son Lumpy and his father Itchy are getting worried. They radio contact a good human friend and rebel sympathizer who owns a local merchant shop on kashyyyk. But the merchant has no clue to what is delaying the Falcon. Nevertheless he agrees to come over and visit the wookiees. The family also contacts Luke and Leia. The rebels however, also cannot explain Han and Chewbacca’s delay but tries to calm the family down. But thing just turn worse as an Imperial foot patrol enters and ransacks the wookiee household in search of rebels. The family is now in danger of getting their ties to the rebellion exposed. Luckily the merchant friend shows up and with his special persuasive abilities he manages to prevent disaster.

The Imperials decide to survey the household until the missing registered male (Chewbacca) returns, as they need to se his Identification Card. As Chewbacca is a wanted rebel this puts the family in a critical position. The Rebels soon show up and end the situation.



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