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Jedi Academy

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Release date:
September 16, 2003

Published by:
LucasArts / Raven Software

First-person shooter

Single Player / Multi Player
(LAN + Online)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
14 ABY


Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy continues many of the features introduced in 2002's Jedi Outcast with a storyline taking place after the events chronicled in its predecessor. Players begin the game in the prestigious Jedi Academy led by Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn. As Skywalker's apprentice, players must learn the ways of the Force and embark on an adventure spanning more than twice the locales featured in 2002's game. The biggest addition to the franchise is the ability to create a character by choosing its species, gender, hair, facial features, and clothing. Players can also customize their lightsaber by selecting its blade color and hilt type, with more lightsabers (such as the double-bladed version wielded by Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I) becoming available as players become more adept in their training.

Like Jedi Outcast before it, Jedi Academy blends third-person lightsaber battles with first-person exploration and shooting. In addition to honing their skills with the weapon of the Jedi, players can fight enemies using a blaster, blaster rifle, Wookiee bowcaster, Imperial heavy repeater, and more. Players will use these weapons as well as their Force skills in order to investigate and neutralize a new organization threatening to upset the order maintained throughout the galaxy. Rather than follow a linear story throughout the game, players are free to select which path of levels they wish to experience while learning their craft. Also featured are a number of new multiplayer modes on top of those included in 2002's Jedi Outcast.

Game Codes & Cheats

Cheat Codes:
While playing a game, press [Shift] + ~ to display the console window. Type "helpusobi 1" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function.

god - God mode
undying - 999 health
victory - End level

give all - All weapons and maximum health and armor
give ammo - Full ammunition
give health - Full health
give armor - Full give force
give force - Full force bar
give inventory - Full inventory

setForceAll [0-10] - Sets the level of all force powers
setForceJump [0-10] - Sets the level of Force Jump
setForceSense [0-10] - Sets the level of Force Sense
setForcePush [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Push
setForcePull [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Pull
setForceSpeed [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Speed
setForceHeal [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Heal
setForceAbsorb [0-10] - Sets the level of Force Absorb
setForceProtect [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Protect
setForceMindTrick [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Mind Trick
setForceGrip [0-10] - Sets the level of Force Grip
setForceRage [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Rage
setForceDrain [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Drain
setForceLightning [0-10]
- Sets the level of Force Lightning

setsaberall [1-10] -
Set all lightsaber abilities
setsaberthrow [1-10] -
Set lightsaber throw level
setsaberoffense [1-10] -
Set lightsaber offensive level

addsaberstyle [fast, medium, strong, staff, dual, desann, tavion]
- Adds another saberstyle to your list

New Lightsabers:
Enter one of the following codes at the console window to get the corresponding Lightsaber.
saber none
saber dual_[1-5]
saber single_[1-9]
saber sith_sword
saber tavion
saber kyle_boss
saber desann
saber reborn
saber yoda
saber luke
saber kyle
saber rebornmaster
saber training
saber droid
saber jedi

sabercolor 1 [red, blue, yellow, purple or orange]
- Set right-hand lightsaber color
sabercolor 2 [red, blue, yellow, purple or orange]
- Set left-hand lightsaber color

sabercolor 1 [red, blue, yellow, purple or orange] [red, blue, yellow, purple or orange]
Sets color of top and bottom part of saber staff

NPC spawning:
Enter one of the following codes at the console window to spawn the corresponding NPC.
npc spawn alora
npc spawn assassin_droid
npc spawn bartender
npc spawn bespincop
npc spawn boba_fett
npc spawn chewie
npc spawn cultist
npc spawn cultist_destroyer
npc spawn cultist_drain
npc spawn cultist_grip
npc spawn cultist_lightning
npc spawn cultist_saber
npc spawn cultist_saber_powers
npc spawn cultistcommando
npc spawn desann
npc spawn elder
npc spawn galak
npc spawn gonk
npc spawn gran
npc spawn hazardtrooper
npc spawn human_merc
npc spawn impcommander
npc spawn imperial
npc spawn impofficer
npc spawn impworker
npc spawn interrogator
npc spawn jan
npc spawn jawa
npc spawn jedi
npc spawn jedi_random
npc spawn jedif
npc spawn jedimaster
npc spawn jeditrainer
npc spawn kyle
npc spawn lando
npc spawn luke
npc spawn merchant
npc spawn monmothma
npc spawn morgankatarn
npc spawn mouse
npc spawn noghri
npc spawn prisoner
npc spawn probe
npc spawn protocol
npc spawn protocol_imp
npc spawn r2d2
npc spawn r2d2_imp
npc spawn r5d2
npc spawn r5d2_imp
npc spawn ragnos
npc spawn rax
npc spawn rebel
npc spawn rebel2
npc spawn reborn
npc spawn reborn_dual
npc spawn reborn_new
npc spawn reborn_staff
npc spawn reborn_twin
npc spawn rebornacrobat
npc spawn rebornboss
npc spawn rebornchiss
npc spawn rebornfencer
npc spawn rebornforceuser
npc spawn rebornrodian
npc spawn reborntrandoshan
npc spawn rebornweequay
npc spawn reelo
npc spawn remote
npc spawn rockettrooper
npc spawn ockettrooper_w
npc spawn rockettrooper2
npc spawn rodian
npc spawn rosh_penin
npc spawn saber_droid
npc spawn saboteur
npc spawn saboteurpistol
npc spawn saboteursniper
npc spawn seeker
npc spawn shadowtrooper
npc spawn snowtrooper
npc spawn stcommander
npc spawn stofficer
npc spawn stofficeralt
npc spawn stormpilot
npc spawn stormtrooper
npc spawn swamptrooper
npc spawn tavion
npc spawn trandoshan
npc spawn tusken
npc spawn tuskensniper
npc spawn ugnaught
npc spawn wampa
npc spawn weequay
npc spawn wildtauntaun



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