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Kevin J. Anderson

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
March 1, 1994

The Jedi Academy Trilogy

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
11 ABY



As the war between the Republic and the scattered remnants of the Empire continues, two children—the Jedi twins—will come into their powers in a universe on the brink of vast changes and challenges. In this time of turmoil and discovery, an extraordinary new Star Wars saga begins…

While Luke Skywalker takes the first step toward setting up an academy to train a new order of Jedi Knights, Han Solo and Chewbacca are taken prisoner on the planet Kessel and forced to work in the fathomless depths of a spice mine.

But when Han and Chewie break away, they flee desperately to a secret Imperial research laboratory surrounded by a cluster of black holes—and go from one danger to a far greater one…

On Kessel, Luke picks up the trail of his two friends, only to come face-to-face with a weapon so awesome, it can wipe out an entire solar system. It is a death ship called the Sun Crusher, invented by a reclusive genius and piloted by none other than Han himself…


The story begins with Han Solo and Chewbacca on a diplomatic mission from the New Republic to the spice mines of Kessel.

Unbeknownst to them, Moruth Doole had taken over the space mines, and was convinced the Falcon with Solo and Chewbacca aboard was a spy ship, a prelude to invasion to seize control of the extremely lucrative spice production facilities. His small fleet, based on Kessel's solo moon, shot down the emissaries, and brought them to Doole for questioning. He proceeded to do so by ingesting a large quantity of extremely pure glitterstim, which boosted his psychic capabilities to the point where he could forcibly invade Solo's mind and ascertain the truth.

When Doole realized that they had been just diplomats, and that he had effectively declared war on the New Republic, he panicked. When combined with the fact that he thought Solo knew he had been the one that ratted out Solo and Chewbacca to the Imperials (the result of which was that Solo was forced to dump his cargo on the Kessel Run; Jabba the Hutt then placed the bounty on his head mentioned in Episode IV), Doole decided the best course was to place the two prisoners in his mines as slave laborers where they would no doubt perish soon. In the mines, the two, with the aid of a young Kyp Durron sought for an escape.

Simultaneously, Luke Skywalker embarked on his search for talented Force-sensitives whom he could mold into Jedi within his new Jedi Praxeum. Lando Calrissian, along with C-3PO and R2-D2, aided Luke with this search. In order to do so, he used a device that supposedly could detect one's affinity to the Force. Lando followed one lead to the Umgullian Blob races where Dack, the possible force-sensitive, was rumored to have predictive abilities due to his successes at gambling. However, Lando discovered that he was cheating and exposed him. Rather than be punished by death, as was the law on Umgul, Dack was returned to the Duchess Mistral. In return, Lando was rewarded with half of the one million credit reward.

Luke, meanwhile had gone to the infested planet Eol Sha where a man named Gantoris was believed to have Force-sensitiveness. After two serious tests, one involving fighting a fire dragon, Gantoris agreed to come to the Jedi academy, but was still afraid about the "Dark man" he saw in his dreams that would one day end his life. After collecting Streen, an old hermit on Bespin, the trio made back to the Yavin 4 where the Jedi academy began.



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