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Jedi Starfighter

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Star Wars:
Jedi Starfighter

Release date:
May 13, 2002

Distributed by:

Arcade Space Simulator

Single Player / Multi Player
(Split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
22 BBY


This sequel to Star Wars: Starfighter features a storyline inspired by events depicted in the feature film, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. As a Corellian Jedi Master named Adi Gallia, players embark on a quest, on behalf of the Jedi Council, to investigate the traitorous coalition being formed by Count Dooku. Players will streak across the galaxy in a Jedi Starfighter prototype ship as they advance through 15 combat missions.

New to the Starfighter series is the option to train before each mission, allowing players to learn the control system of their ship as well as the combat techniques necessary for survival. The game also offers the ability to use Force Powers, in addition to the vessel's standard armaments of quad-pulse lasers. The Force Powers include Force Shield, Force Lightning, Force Reflex, and Force Shock Wave in three degrees of strength.

While the majority of missions involve Adi Gallia, at certain points during the game players will be able to control the pirate character from the original Star Wars: Starfighter, Nym. Each of the missions available in the single-player campaign can also be played with a friend in a cooperative mode. Selecting this option offers Player Two the choice of three new characters and ships: Reti, Jinkins, and Siri Tachi. At certain points the second player will be called upon to man Nym's laser turret gun while the other player flies.

As in the first game, advancing through each mission involves completing a specific number of objectives, from bombing runs inside bases to flying through asteroid fields. A secondary game, Coruscant Territory Capture, is a strategy contest in which two teams compete for the control of three territories. Flying over a territory when there are no enemies in the vicinity will "capture" it, which awards a team points the longer they maintain control of the region. The first team to 100 points wins the game.

Game Codes & Cheats

Password Cheats:
Enter these passwords at the codes menu:
ARTOO - Invulnerability.
HUNTER - Mara Jade's Z-95 Headhunter Ship.
LONGO - All Maps, Extras, Ships, Videos, etc.
DARON - Director Mode.

Backward Compatibility

Most Xbox console games can also be played on the Xbox 360 console. This requires an Xbox 360 Hard Drive and the latest Backward Compatibility update from Xbox LIVE. >Open Current Game List<



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