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Knights of the Old Republic II

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Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Release date:
December 6, 2004

Distributed by:
Obsidian Entertainment / LucasArts

Third-person Role-Playing

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
3,951 BBY


This sequel to one of the most widely acclaimed console releases of 2003 returns players to a galaxy far, far away, and an especially long time ago. Set 3,951 years before the events of the Star Wars Episode I film, this second role-playing adventure takes place five years after the original Knights of the Old Republic. Players take the role of an exiled Jedi, who is believed to be the last of the noble order and is being actively hunted by the Sith. Beginning the game as a Jedi, players can choose which Jedi class their character will be, but as they start off as a beleaguered fugitive, they'll have no light saber, and they'll need to work to develop their special skills and powers.

This sequel refines the interface for easier navigation, and offers many new force powers for characters to learn, but the gameplay's third-person exploration and turn-based combat should feel familiar to fans of the original. Once again, through their decisions and actions, players will develop their characters toward the Light or Dark side of the Force, and the way that they progress down the path of Good or Evil will have great influence over the story and will determine which characters are willing to join their party. The game follows its own original storyline, but a number of characters and events from the first game are referenced.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is the first game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a studio founded by former Black Isle and Blizzard designers. The sub-series' original creator, BioWare, has ties to Obsidian and its team of veteran developers, and was also involved in the design of this sequel.

Game Codes & Cheats

Free Roam Camera:
Go to the messages GUI and enter the following code:

'Punch it Chewie' will appear in the messages. To get out of the GUI panel press:

Now press the
Right analog stick down (like you're going into first person view).
NB:Its kind of buggy and it seems you can only raise the camera above your head.

Unlock different characters:
Based on decisions, you will be able to choose from different characters.
Get the 4 different HK parts that are scattered across the worlds and talk to the broken HK droid near the bridge. He will join once you fix him.
Choose a Female character in the beginng, and the Disciple will join you once you meet up with him on Dantooine.
Choose a male character in the beginning, and the Handmaiden will join you once you leave the Telos Jedi academy.
Before the fight between Hanharr and Mira, align yourself with the Dark Side and Hanharr will join you.
Before the fight between Hanharr and Mira, align yourself either in Neutral or with the light side and Mira will join you.

Unlock Atton as a Jedi Sentinel:
To unlock Atton as a Jedi Sentinel, travel to the Refugee Sector on Nar Shadda. There, walk to the opposite side of the Refugee Sector until two Twileks approach you. They offer to sell you information about Atton. Purchase the information for 25 credits. Then ask Atton about what the Twileks told you. If your influence is high enough, you can train him to be a Jedi Sentinel (Light Side) or a Dark Jedi Sentinel (Dark Side).

Unlock Handmaiden as a Jedi Guardian:
To make Hainmaiden a Jedi Guardian (Light Side) or Dark Jedi Guardian (Dark Side), talk to her on the Ebon Hawk. Ask her to teach you some moves. After you fight her three times (and WIN all three times), ask her to put some clothes on. She will put on Haindmaidens robes. Ask her about the robes. Then ask Kreia about Handmaidens mother. Then talk to Handmaiden again. If you influence is high enough, and you have told Haindmaiden what the Force feels like, you will be able to teach her the ways of the Force.

Backward Compatibility

Most Xbox console games can also be played on the Xbox 360 console. This requires an Xbox 360 Hard Drive and the latest Backward Compatibility update from Xbox LIVE. >Open Current Game List<



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