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LEGO Star Wars II

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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Release date:
September 12, 2006

Published by:
LucasArts / Traveller's Tales

Third-person Platform

Single Player / Multi Player
(Same screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0 BBY - 4 ABY


The surprise hit of 2005 returns for more brick-blasting battles and sci-fi spoofing in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. As the title suggests, the storyline focuses on the first three films in the Star Wars saga. Players will choose from a variety of LEGOized characters as they attempt to end the Galactic Empire's tyrannical reign. The lighthearted action is still designed for players of all ages and abilities, but there is now more to see and do. New character-specific special moves are available, from Leia's head-knocking slaps to Obi-Wan's helmet-spinning use of the Force to confuse his attackers.

As players progress through familiar movie scenes in the story mode, they can unlock more than 50 characters and even mix-and-match individual parts and accessories to create custom hybrids for use in the "free play" mode. Also new is the ability to build vehicles such as landspeeders, AT-STs, and speeder bikes, or to ride creatures like tauntauns and banthas. The original's cooperative play option returns with a revamped camera and more team-oriented challenges to overcome. As a special bonus, owners of the first game can unlock 54 additional characters for free play, expanding the roster to include Darth Maul and other fan favorites.

Game Codes & Cheats

Characters Passwords
Enter the password on the password entry screen to get access to the character:
TTT289 - Ewok
UCK868 - Beach Trooper
UGN694 - Ugnaught
UUB319 - Lobot
VAP664 - Imperial Shuttle Pilot
VHY832 - Bespin Guard
WTY721 - Bib Fortuna
YDV451 - Sandtrooper
YWM840 - Han Solo (Hood)
YZF999 - Gamorrean Guard
NYU989 - Snow Trooper
BEN917 - Ben Kenobi (Ghost)
HLP221 - Boba Fett
BNC332 - Death Star Trooper
HHY382 - The Emperor
NFX582 - Gonk Droid
SMG219 - Grand Moff Tarkin
PRJ821 - Greedo
NXL973 - IG-88
MMM111 - Imperial Guard
BBV889 - Imperial Officer
CVT125 - Imperial Spy
JAW499 - Jawa
SGE549 - Palace Guard
CYG336 - Rebel Pilot
EKU849 - Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
GBU888 - Skiff Guard
HDY739 - TIE Fighter
NNZ316 - TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828 - TIE Interceptor
NAH118 - Tusken Raider
TYH319 - The beard
CL4U5H - Santa hat & clothes
NBP398 - Red noses on all characters



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