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Maze of Deception

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Maze of Deception

Elizabeth Hand


Release date:
April 1, 2003

Boba Fett (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
21.7 BBY



Trust no one. Especially a bounty hunter.

When he died in the first Clone War battle, Jango Fett left a fortune somewhere on the planet of Aargau. The bounty hunter Aurra Sing is the only person who knows where the fortune is. But Jango's son, Boba Fett, is the only person who can get to it.

Aurra Sing needs Boba, and Boba needs Aurra Sing. But there's no way they can trust each other. Every move could be a deception. Every word could be a lie.

As the search for Jango Fett's legacy becomes dangerously complicated, young Boba Fett must outsmart and outmaneuver enemies of all kinds—even hidden ones. His future as a bounty hunter depends on it.


The story begins when Aurra Sing is bringing Boba and Slave I to Aargau. As soon as Boba saw the maze-like structure of the planet, he began to plot his escape. There was an incident at customs in which Sing protested leaving her weapons behind, but the presence of an IG-series Assassin droid convinced her to comply. Fett was allowed to remain behind while Aurra Sing was escorted back to the ship to stow her weapons.

While Boba was waiting, he noticed that Sing had forgotten to take the info card that allowed access to the Fett account. As soon as he had the card, he began to walk away, towards the Turbolifts that gave access to the lower levels. Unfortunately for Boba, he was sighted by someone, and quickly began to move away from them. Fett got into a turbolift, and was almost free, when the pursuer jumped through a small gap, and entered the turbolift.

Luckily for Boba, it was not Aurra Sing who pursued him, but a young Clone trooper who had noticed that Fett had dropped his "book" and was returning it to him. This was an awkward situation for Boba, for the clone began asking questions that he could not answer. Even worse, as soon as he got off the 'lift, Aurra Sing was waiting for him.

Once again, due to his uncanny luck, Fett dodged Sing, and she grabbed the young clone, who was known as CT-9779. Boba soon walked away from the scene, and began to search for the bank where his father's money was kept. Before he did anything, he opened the "book" Jango gave him, which told him to "Never seek out help." While he was pondering what to do, a supposed Bimm named Nuri approached him. They conversed, and while they were talking, Boba noticed that Aurra Sing was in the same area that he was.



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