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Planet Plague

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Planet Plague

John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
April 1, 1997

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.6 ABY



When Hoole decides to visit the planet Gobindi, even a warning from Tash's anonymous HoloNet contact isn't enough to change his mind. He's determined to study the planet's ancient ruins. For Tash, it's a chance to discover what her mysterious uncle is really up to.

On Gobindi, Tash thinks she's discovered an Imperial plot to spread a terrible virus across the galaxy. But when Hoole assures her that nothing is wrong, Tash is relieved.

For a little while.

When a big brown bump appears on her arm, Tash is scared. Has Hoole lied to her? Is he working with the Empire? Tash knows she must discover the truth.

Meanwhile, the bump on her arm is getting bigger….


On the ' Shroud' , Tash is dealing with zits for the first time, Hoole and Deevee are finding coded information on Starscream in the ' Shroud 's' computers, and Zak is getting sicker and sicker. A call to Forceflow (Tash's Holonet penpal) gets cut off. They decide to rush Zak to the nearest Imperial medical facility, on Gobindi.

After a near miss with five Star Destroyers, the 'Shroud' reaches Gobindi, just as Tash receives - too late - a message from Forceflow: "Whatever you do, stay away from Gobindi!" As if that were not bad enough, Hoole decides he wants to do research on the ruins there. The doctors at the Imperial Biological Welfare Department say Zak has the flu. Shortly thereafter, Tash and DeeVee run into a living blob that attacks them - until a rebel solider pulls it off them. The Rebel reveals that Gobindi has been blockaded due to pirate trouble. He also reveals that in the last few weeks, no one has come out of the hospital alive. She rushes back - to find Zak gone. He has been put in a bacta tank to fight off the flu. Deciding to run 'Starscream' through the hospital's computer, Tash finds the hospital's REAL name: Imperial Biological Weapons Division. She cannot get in trust with Forceflow since the Empire blocked all Holonet transmissions to Gobindi. Moreover, since it was Hoole's idea to put Zak in that place, she does not think she can trust him anymore. She can trust the rebel , who reveals his Rebel ties to her. Another blob jumps them, and they learn that the blobs are disease carriers that communicate viruses by touch. Tash herself is getting sick, due to a "flu shot" she and Hoole received. In addition, a moving brown lump on her arm is growing.

Zak is let out of the bacta tank and taken back to the ' Shroud' by DeeVee - where they find slime trails. Thinking a blob got Tash; they start searching for her. However, she has in fact found the Starscream lab in the IBWD, and finds the "blobs" are in fact mutated people - mutated by the virus Zak now has. She also finds that the doctor who Hoole knew was an imposter - the real one is locked up. He says that he had learned about the virus from Gobindi history, found it sealed up in ruins, and recommended a permanent quarantine - only to have the Empire move in and take it. Then the scientist behind Project Starscream appears. He is a Shi'ido like Hoole, but is completely evil. He is made the virus even deadlier, and intends to spread it through the whole planet - as a test. With the virus beginning its work on her, she tries to break out through the vents. She is becoming a blob - until she uses the Force within her to repel the virus. She frees a captured Hoole and finds Zak and rebel. Together, the group (along with the freed Doctor Kavafi) find a cure for the virus.



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