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Star Wars: Episode I:

Release date:
November 30, 1999

Distributed by:
Nintendo / LucasArts


Single Player / Multi Player
(Link Cable)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
31.5 BBY


Straight from the movie theater to your Nintendo Game Boy Color screen comes Star Wars Episode I: Racer, based on the famous pod race sequence from the blockbuster film Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. You take the role of Anakin Skywalker as he travels to five planets and takes on four different pod racers in a quest to become the ultimate podracing champion.

Once you've started the game and registered your name, the only racer you'll be able to select is Anakin; others are unlocked as you win championships. Select a planet and start the race.

At the very beginning of the race, you can use the A Button to give yourself a rocket start if you press it at the right moment. As you race your engines can become damaged from hitting obstacles or running over rough terrain; you'll need to repair them by sacrificing some speed or you won't finish at all. Once you've hit your maximum speed you can use your boosters to give yourself an advantage over your foe.

There are 20 tracks in all, four on each planet, and the five fastest times for each are saved in the Records screen. A Rumble Pak built into the game (which comes complete with a AAA battery) will deliver every shock and jolt to your GBC unless you turn that option off.

Two players can go head-to-head with a link cable.

Game Codes & Cheats

Quick start:
Press A as the "1" during countdown fades from the screen.

Race Sebula:
Beat all four racers on one planet, then you can race against Sebula on any of the four courses. If you win, you get his pod. In future races, if you lose, you lose his pod.

Speed Increase:
As you beat the four rivals on each planet, Anakin's speed will increase. When you have beat all five planets, Anakin's speed will be 735 mph, the fastest in the game.

Recharging your Pod:
To recharge your pod, hold the brake while racing. It my slow your pod down for a little while, but it could make the difference in the margin of victory.

Shortcut on Tatoonie Course:
In the third level of the Tatoonie races there is a shortcut about 1/3 of the way through the course. It is on the left side of a long plane. It shaves a good number of seconds off your time!

Backward Compatibility

All Game Boy and Game Boy Color console games can also be played on the newer Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP consoles.



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