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Racer Revenge

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Star Wars:
Racer Revenge

Release date:
February 13, 2002

Distributed by:
Rainbow Studios / LucasArts


Single Player / Multi Player
(Split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
24 BBY


The sequel to 1999's Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Star Wars: Racer Revenge brings the fictional sport of Podracing to the PlayStation 2. A cast of 18 characters is available for selection, introducing new racers to the fold as well as welcoming back old favorites like Sebulba and Anakin Skywalker. Thirteen tracks are spread across five planets, including the seldom seen Mon Calamari and Sullust.

Aggressive racing is encouraged, with bonus trugnuts awarded for completely eliminating opponents from the race. Players can then spend this money on upgraded parts in the areas of acceleration, top speed, handling, defense, repair, and cooling. Boosts can also be used during the race, but abuse of this feature will overheat the engines and cause them to explode.

Single, Versus, and Tournament are the three featured modes, with the first allowing players to competitively race on any unlocked track, practice it, or take part in timed runs. Versus mode is a two-player race on any of the available tracks. Tournament makes up the bulk of play, requiring players to take one character through a career on the Podracing circuit.

An alternative control scheme is included in the title, making use of both analog sticks to guide each corresponding engine (the left stick controls the left engine, while the right stick controls the right engine). This setup closely mimics the Podracers seen in the Star Wars movie, Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Game Codes & Cheats

Watto - Beat the top #1 score for Best Lap.
Darth Maul - Beat the top #1 score for KO's in all races.
Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker - Beat the top lap time for each track
Darth Vader - Unlock "Watto", "Darth Maul" and "Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker". Complete tournament mode with one of these characters.
Episode 1 Sebulba - Beat the top #1 score for Best Three Laps.
Unlock New Racer - To unlock a new racer get a first place on the first four tracks of Tournament Mode.

Cheat Mode:

To enable cheat mode, set a record (Best Lap, Best 3 Lap or Most KO's) and enter "
NO TIME" on the name entry screen. The following codes may now be activated:

All tracks:
Enable cheat mode. Then at the main menu, hold down:

While still holding them press:

All art galleries:
Enable cheat mode. Then at the main menu, hold down:

While still holding them press:

Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 2 console games can also be played on PlayStation 3 consoles with the following model numbers:
CECHA _ _ / CECHB _ _ / CECHC _ _ / CECHD _ _ / CECHE _ _ / CECHF _ _
(The PS3 model number is found on the backside of the console and is followed by two digits - Example: CECHE01)



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