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Rebel Assault

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Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Release date:
November 1, 1993

Published by:

Rail shooter

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.25 BBY - 0 ABY


The game follows the adventures of a young man known under the handle of Rookie One. Who like Luke Skywalker, is a farmboy from Tatooine who decides to join the Rebel Alliance. The whole game happens just before and during the events of A New Hope.

It begins with Rebel flight training in the Beggar's Canyon, some hours before the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator captures Tantive IV above Tatooine. Rookie One then joins a squadron to intercept the Devastator. After the mission is over they descend back to the planet in order to stop an Imperial assault on their Rebel Outpost. The outpost is destroyed and the nearby city of Mos Eisley receives a punishing Imperial attack with AT-ST's. The player has to wipe out as many AT-ST's as possible to minimize civilian loses.

The story then leads the player to an ice planet with another Rebel Outpost; Gamma Base. This base is also discovered by the Empire and Rookie One has to stop some AT-AT walkers with a Snowspeeder. He is forced to land his craft and must now escape Gamma Base alone on foot before the approaching Death Star arrives to destroy the ice planet.

Eventually Rookie One flies training missions on Yavin 4, preparing the attack on the Trench Run prior to the Battle of Yavin. The final missions follow the actions of the Blue Squadron, simultaneously to the Red Squadron shown in the movie. They take place near and on the Death Star where the player has to destroy turrets, stop a gigantic laser gun and finally destroy it.

The story of Rookie One is followed by Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire.

Game Codes & Cheats

Level Passwords:

BOSSK - 02: Planet Kolaador
ENGRET - 03: Star Destroyer Attack
RALRRA - 04: Tatooine Attack
FRIJA - 05: Asteroid Field Chase
LAFRA - 06: Imperial Walkers
DERLIN - 07: Stormtroopers
MOTLOK - 08: Protect Rebel Transport
MORAG - 09: Yavin Training
TANTISS - 10: Tie Attack
OSWAFL - 11: Death Star Surface
KLAATY - 12: Surface Cannon
IRENEZ - 13: Power Relays
LIANNA - 14: Death Star Trench
PAKKA - 15: Finale
BOTHAN - 02: Planet Kolaador
HERGLIC - 03: Star Destroyer Attack
LEENI - 04: Tatooine Attack
THRAWN - 05: Asteroid Field Chase
LWYLL - 06: Imperial Walkers
MAZZIC - 07: Stormtroopers
JULPA - 08: Protect Rebel Transport
MORRT - 09: Yavin Training
MUFTAK - 10: Tie Attack
RASKAR - 11: Death Star Surface
JHOFF - 12: Surface Cannon
ITHOR - 13: Power Relays
UMWAK - 14: Death Star Trench
ORLOK - 15: Finale
BORDOK - 02: Planet Kolaador
SKYNX - 03: Star Destroyer Attack
DEFEL - 04: Tatooine Attack
JEDGAR - 05: Asteroid Field Chase
MADINE - 06: Imperial Walkers
TARKIN - 07: Stormtroopers
MOTHMA - 08: Protect Rebel Transport
GLAYYD - 09: Yavin Training
OTTEGA - 10: Tie Attack
RISHII - 11: Death Star Surface
IRZINA - 12: Surface Cannon
KARRDE - 13: Power Relays
VONZEL - 14: Death Star Trench
OSSUS - 15: Finale

Damage control:
Note: A controller must be used to activate cheat mode. Press Up + Fire, Down + Fire, Left + Fire, Right + Fire at the LucasArts logo. The words "LucasArts" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. The following cheat functions may now be activated when playing:
[+] on numeric keypad - Decrease damage
1-9 or A-F - Select level
[Esc] - Skip level



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