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Rebel Assault II

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Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire

Release date:
November 30, 1995

Published by:

Rail shooter

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
3.5 ABY


In 1993, Star Wars: Rebel Assault held the distinction as the first CD-ROM-only computer game. It was up to you to guide Rookie One through computer-generated worlds from the Star Wars universe on your way to destroying the Death Star and thwarting the malevolent plans of Darth Vader and the Empire. But the battles you won back then were only the first step in winning the war. Since then, the Dark Lord of the Sith has developed a new scheme to crush the Rebellion. It's time for you to take that second step in Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire.

Like the first outing, the game features an eclectic mix of action as you both pilot ships and battle it out with Stormtroopers on foot. In all, you have 15 stages to fight through as you take command of a B-wing, Y-wing, X-wing, Corellian YT-1300 freighter, speeder bike and even a couple of Imperial vessels. Your opposition in the air includes everything from TIE interceptors to Mynocks, and you'll also have to work your way through obstacle courses like asteroid fields and canyons.

Along for the ride once again is Rebel soldier Ru Murleen, though the only recognizable faces from the movies are Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Admiral Ackbar.

This entry to the Rebel Assault franchise once again utilizes cut-scenes to move the story along between missions. However, they have been upgraded from computer-generated to live action and represent the first Star Wars-related newly recorded footage since 1985's television movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

Game Codes & Cheats

Level Passwords:
Hold down Alt + V to access the password prompt.
Beginner Level Passwords:
FERRIER - Level 9
GALIA - Level 10
DENARII - Level 11
SADOW - Level 12
ONDERON - Level 13
ALEEMA - Level 14
CATHAR - Level 15
DOMINUS - Final Level
Novice Level Passwords:
KOTHLIS - Level 9
KRATH - Level 10
SIOSK - Level 11
ADEGAN - Level 12
AMANDA - Level 13
AMBRIA - Level 14
SYLVAR - Level 15
MIRALUKA - Final Level
Standard Level Passwords:
CHURBA - Level 9
ARTOO - Level 10
SATAL - Level 11
LOBUE - Level 12
DNABA - Level 13
STURM - Level 14
CRADO - Level 15
CARRACK - Final Level
Expert Level Passwords:
KIIRIUM - Level 9
GUNDAR - Level 10
DIANOGA - Level 11
ATUARRE - Level 12
ESSADA - Level 13
PAPLOO - Level 14
NASHTAH - Level 15
PESTAGE - Final Level

Force Mode:
Alt-V during gameplay. Then type LETGO. Now press ESC to return to game. While in Force Mode you have these options:
+/- (Decrease damage/Increase damage)
Alt-E (Extra Life)
Alt-L (Unlimited lives)

Yoda Mode:
During gameplay in Force Mode, press
Alt-V. Then type ISNOTRY. Press ESC to return to game. While in Yoda Mode you have these options:
Alt-J (Level skip)
Alt-P (Computer plays the game)
Alt-M (View all the cut-scenes)



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