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Star Wars: Rebellion

Release date:
February 28, 1998

Published by:
LucasArts / Coolhand Interactive

Real-time strategy

Single Player / Multi Player
(LAN + Online)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0 ABY - ? ABY


Set shortly after the events of the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: Rebellion represents LucasArts' first attempt at a strategy game involving the popular space saga. As either the Rebellion or the Empire, it's up to you to command your side to victory against the computer or a friend via the Internet.

In the course of your game, you might try to conquer as many as 200 planets in the Star Wars universe. In order to do so, you must effectively manage a variety of factors such as construction of new facilities, appropriate number of garrisoned soldiers, and use of task forces in certain situations.

You'll also guide your side's 30 characters on different missions, deciding who might be best for each. For instance, the Rebellion might do well to assign Princess Leia on a diplomatic mission and Han Solo on one of espionage. Most of your favorite characters from the original trilogy of Star Wars films are present, with a few new ones as well as some who were introduced in books by the likes of Timothy Zahn and Kevin J. Anderson. If you've ever wanted to take control of Garm Bel Iblis or Admiral Daala, now's your chance!

For battles, you have a variety of ships available for either side, including 15 capital ships and four starfighters for each side. As the Empire, proper positioning and usage of your Star Destroyers, TIE fighters, TIE bombers (and even the Death Star) could be enough to crush the Rebellion's Mon Calamari cruisers, Corellian gunships, X-wings and B-wings.

The battles of Rebellion occur in real time and offer you a choice as to their implementation. You have the option to either let the AI take over and hope that your predetermined strategy is enough to overtake the enemy, or you can take matters into your own hands by controlling the units manually as you assig targets to your task forces and fighter squadrons.

In addition to the core action and strategy elements described above, LucasArts has also included some other "nice touches." For instance, be prepared to deal with traitors who might secretly sympathize with the enemy, or zip through space at double-speed when Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon are on a mission. Luke Skywalker might even learn some unsettling news that will disable him for a while should he and Darth Vader ever meet one another.

With all of these inclusions, it might be difficult to keep track of who is who and what is what. For this reason, a comprehensive encyclopedia is included within the game as well as a 176-page game manual and a quick-reference poster.

Star Wars: Rebellion was released as Star Wars: Supremacy in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Game Codes & Cheats

Hint - Fast start for Rebels:
The empire allways begins with a planet that supports the rebellion, but is subjugated by a big garrison of ground troops. Gather a large fleet with several fighter squadrons and put Han Solo or Wedge Antilles in command. Then blockade the planet. Then promote the commander to admiral status. Then bombard the imperial miltary units. Once you have destroyed all imperial units the planet automatically joins the rebellion. Liberating the planet will cause the rebellions popularity to skyrocket often causing several neutral systems to join and imperial systems to uprise. Now you can liberate the imperial systems which are pro Rebel and soon you will control the whole sector.

Hint - Power-up Luke:
Later in the game, once you've blockaded Coruscant, put Luke on the Coruscant blockading fleet. SAVE THE GAME! 99% of the time, the Emperor and/or Darth Vader will be on the planet. Send Luke on a sabotage or capture mission (but make sure not to target the Emperor!) Since the Vader and/or the Emperor are both force users, they'll detect Luke. His mission will be foiled and he will gain two force bonuses; One for encountering the Emperor and/or Darth Vader and another for evading escape. If Luke gets captured, reload the game and send a few infiltrators in with him. Even if he fails again then, keep on trying and repeat the process. Before you know it, he'll become super strong and near invincible.



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