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Renegade Squadron

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Star Wars: Battlefront:
Renegade Squadron

Release date:
October 9, 2007

Distributed by:
Rebellion Developments / LucasArts

Third-person Shooter

Single Player / Multi Player
(Wireless network)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0 ABY - 4 ABY


The Galactic Empire is down but not yet out in the PSP-exclusive Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. With the original Death Star destroyed thanks to the heroics of Luke Skywalker, the Empire regroups and mounts a counterstrike on the Alliance base at Yavin 4. The assault will not go unchallenged. A secretive army under the command of Han Solo plans to engage the enemy, and your help is desperately needed. As a key part of the ragtag Renegade Squadron, you will battle the Empire across multiple planets and star systems in a galaxy far, far away.

The main campaign consists of 11 missions on land and in space. The action is viewed from a third-person perspective behind the character or ship, with weapons such as incinerator guns, rocket launchers, blasters, and cluster grenades used to engage enemies and to accomplish mission objectives. New equipment, skills, weapons, and other customization features can be unlocked to further personalize created characters. Once you're ready to test your skills against human opponents, Renegade Squadron supports up to 16 combatants online via Infrastructure mode or up to eight via Ad-hoc mode. Four playable factions are available in a choice of two time periods: prequel or classic.

In the Conquest Mode, players race to capture various command posts on a map to prevent the enemy from gaining reinforcements. Capture the Flag comes in three distinct varieties: one flag in the map's center, two flags on opposing sides, or the new "hero capture-the-flag" option. The latter involves defending hero-specific flags while trying to steal flags from rivals. Each map also offers specific vehicles, creatures, and other surprises to use against the enemy.

Game Codes & Cheats

Unlockable Medals:
Medals are achieved doing certain objectives in single player and multiplayer mode.
Renegade Leader - Complete the campaign.
Galactic Overlord - Win the galactic conquest mode.
Hero Vanquisher - Kill 10 heroes.
Super Slicer - Slice 15 vehicles.
Conqueror Supreme - Win in every map.
Conqueror(bronze) - Win 5 battles.
Conqueror(silver) - Win 15 battles.
Conqueror(gold) - Win 30 battles.
Flag Carrier (bronze) - Capture 5 flags.
Flag Carrier (silver) - Capture 15 flags.
Flag Carrier (gold) - Capture 30 flags.
Multiplayer Maverick (bronze) - Reach 50 kills online.
Multiplayer Maverick (silver) - Reach 150 kills online.
Multiplayer Maverick (gold) - Reach 300 kills online.
Jedi Master (bronze) - Get 25 kills as a hero.
Jedi Master (silver) - Get 75 kills as a hero.
Jedi Master (gold) - Get 150 kills as a hero.
Tank Buster(bronze) - Destroy 10 vehicles.
Tank Buster(silver) - Destroy 25 vehicles.
Tank Buster(gold) - Destroy 50 vehicles.
Rogue Leader(bronze) - Destroy 10 starfighters.
Wookiee Life Day Hero - Play an Infrastructure game on the 25th December and top the scoretable.
Endor Day Hero - Play an Infrastructure game on 4th july and top the scoretable.



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