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Karen Traviss

Del Rey

Release date:
February 26, 2008

Legacy of the Force

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
40.75 ABY



During this savage civil war, all efforts to end Jacen Solo’s tyranny of the Galactic Alliance have failed. Now, with Jacen approaching the height of his dark powers, no one–not even the Solos and the Skywalkers–knows if anything can stop the Sith Lord before his plan to save the galaxy ends up destroying it.

Jacen Solo’s shadow of influence has threatened many, especially those closest to him. Jaina Solo is determined to bring her brother in, but in order to track him down, she must first learn unfamiliar skills from a man she finds ruthless, repellent, and dangerous. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker, still haunted by suspicions that Jacen killed his mother, Mara, decides he must know the truth, even if it costs him his life. And as Luke Skywalker contemplates once unthinkable strategies to dethrone his nephew, the hour of reckoning for those on both sides draws near. The galaxy becomes a battlefield where all must face their true nature and darkest secrets, and live–or die–with the consequences.


This book continues where fury left off. Jaina is on Endor at the new Jedi outpost, and is planning to go off to meet Boba Fett to try to hire him to train her to kill her brother, Jacen. She knows she will need some special training to do it, since Jacen’s force powers are stronger, and knowing Fett’s track record with Jedi, she hopes that he can teach her things that will give her an advantage.

Ben is also on Endor. He still can’t stop thinking about Jacen, and is convinced that Jacen is actually the one who killed his mother. He wishes he had killed him, and is convinced he could have done it and not gone over to the Dark side. After all, Obi-Wan Kenobi killed a Sith and didn’t turn. He is afraid to tell his Father about his concerns, as he knows Luke is still grieving and he worries about how he might take it. Instead, he asks Leia to meet him, and she comes along with Jaina. He lays out the facts that he has collected so far – that Jacen knew right where to find him even though he was shut down in the force; that Jacen was in the Hapan system at the time; that Jacen is one of the few powerful enough to kill Mara; and that he had a motive (Ben had told Mara the things Jacen had been up to, and he is sure she bawled him out). Leia and Jaina hear him out, but are not convinced that it was Jacen and not Alema, given the use of poison. Ben is determined to prove it, although he states that he is most concerned with finding the truth and getting the killer, whether it is Jacen or not.

Out on Mandalore, Boba Fett takes off to collect Sintas, his ex-wife who he recently found out was still alive and frozen in Carbonite. He brings in his private physician and thaws her. She seems ok, although she has memory loss and visual loss. The doctor is not able to do much to help out.

Jacen is now back on Coruscant, and is trying to find a way to get the Imperial Remnant to join forces with him so he can use their ships. His initial request is rebuffed by Pellaeon – he gets the flimsy that had his request returned in a crumpled heap. Niathal, meanwhile, has heard rumours of what Jacen did to Lieutenant Tebut, and determines that she can no longer continue, and has to stand against him. She decides to do it covertly at first, and meets with Luke Skywalker to determine how best to work together to stop Jacen.

Ben has also returned to Coruscant. He meets up with his good friend, Captain Lon Shevu, to discuss his suspicions about Jacen and how he can go about proving it. Shevu agrees to help and do what he can. They decide to return to Kavan, the scene of the crime, to see what they can find. They don’t find any evidence, but Ben sees his mother’s spirit there, and she pulls some hair out of her head as if trying to tell him something. Ben tells her he loves her, and she reciprocates. Ben realizes that there is one place they haven’t looked for evidence that could be very useful – Jacen’s StealthX. If they could find Mara’s hair there, it would tie Jacen to the crime scene, as he would have been near enough to her for her hair to get on him and then for it to get back in the ship. They pose as techs doing some maintenance on the StealthX and use one of the GAG droids (a small hand sized droid) to search the interior for any evidence. To Ben’s relief, it finds some hair and stores it away for analysis. Ben gets it out and escapes just in time, as Captain Girdun had found Shevu and started a conversation. Ben takes the droid back to Endor, where he finds an old brush of his mothers to compare the hair – it is a match.

Pellaeon and the Moffs continue to be courted by Jacen. They are offered a number of things, including Borleias and Bilbringi, in return for helping out, in particular in a mission to take Fondor. They initially decide to wait and see, but eventually decide that they will form an alliance and help out the GA. They figure that they may not only get Bilbringi and Borleias, but potentially Fondor as well. Seeing a good opportunity, he decides to call in an old ally for support – Admiral Daala.

Jaina talks to Han about her plan to get training from Fett and go after her brother. She looks for some advice about tracking down Fett and dealing with him. She then heads off to Mandalore and meets initially with |Fett’s right hand man, Goran Beviin. While talking in the cantina, an older mandalorian comes and calls out Jaina, saying she is a Jedi. Strangely enough, Jaina can feel the force strongly in him, and also in his younger partner, although it is less strong in him. The two go by the names Gotab and Kad’ika, although they turn out to be Bardan Jusik and Venku (son of Darman and Etain) from the Republic Commando series. She talks to them for a bit when Beviin arrives, and shortly after, Fett. Fett agrees to help train her, and initially has her train in combat with Goran. She learns from him a technique in fighting where you give yourself over to a specific objective, nearly insanely focused on the goal, until it gets done. She also practises training with many other Mandalorians, including Fett, although much of the time he is gone, including a visit to meet with Admiral Daala about a mission to the Fondor system to support Pellaeon. Jaina gets to the point that she can defeat them all in unarmed combat, even with their armour. During her time, she gets to know a number of them quite well, especially Fett’s granddaughter, Mirta Gev.

The threads start to tie together as the battle for Fondor begins. The mission does not go as planned, as Niathal has leaked some intel to Luke, who leaked it to the Fondorians. They therefore had destroyed the minelayers before they could lay their mines. Jacen decides to go ahead with the attack anyways. He goes out on a little recon mission in his stealthX, but is thrown off when a fleet suddenly appears before him. It turns out to be a phantom fleet – a force illusion created by Luke. He then is chased by Luke in a StealthX, who tries to capture him and talk to him, but Jacen barely escapes with his life back to the Anakin Solo. The battle becomes a very bloody one, with many lives lost on both sides – the Fondorians, as well as the GA/Imperial fleet. When Jacen manages to bring down the planetary shields with a Force trick, and then they start lambasting the cities, the Fondorians decide to surrender. Niathal accepts their surrender, but Jacen refuses. Niathal strips Jacen of command and orders the fleet to withdraw, but about 2/3 of the GA forces stay with Jacen and press the assault. The Imperials aren’t sure who to follow. Pellaeon decides to stay with Niathal, but Tahiri (who has been place aboard his ship as a liaison) forces her way into his quarters and tries to get him to change his mind, by persuasion and then force. He refuses, sending one last transmission telling the Imperials to side with Niathal, before Tahiri kills him with a blaster shot. Daala hears the whole thing as Pellaeon had a direct link to her the whole time. The Moffs try to get the fleet to switch to Jacen’s side, and so most of the fleet does once Pellaeon is dead. However, Daala comes in system with her fleet, and the all-out skirmish gets even messier. In the end, Jacen has to retreat, and he goes to get Tahiri from the imperial vessel first, flying in a med evac ship posing as a medic. Fett and his mando warriors are on the ship, tasked to take out the Moffs. Jaina is with them, so she and Mirta, as well as a few others, go after Tahiri and find Jacen. Tahiri is severely wounded, and Jacen is also injured trying to rescue Tahiri, but in the end they both escape.

In the aftermath of the battle, Niathal decides to remain in Fondor with what remains of her fleet. Jacen has left with about 2/3 of the remaining GA fleet back to Coruscant. The Imperial fleet has largely sided with Jacen under the direction of the surviving Moffs.

On Endor, Ben has received another piece of evidence – a confession from Jacen himself to Lon Shevu, recorded with a secret camera. Ben shows the DNA evidence from the hair, and plays the recording for Han, Leia, Luke, and Jaina (who receives it remotely on Mandalore). They all thank Ben for his work, all now convinced beyond any doubt that Jacen did it, and has fallen completely to the Dark Side.

Back on Mandalore, Jaina convinces Bardan to come and try to help with the healing of Sintas. He does, and before long her memories are coming back, and her vision returns. She finally is able to see Fett for the first time in years. Mirta, their granddaughter, marries Ghes Orade. Fett is not sure if he should go, but after a visit from Admiral Daala, he is convinced to attend the end of the reception.

In the end, as Ben is contemplating where to go next, he has a brief conversation with his father before bed. Shortly after, he hears his father talking. He thinks he is talking to himself, but then suddenly realizes that there is someone else there – his mother. Luke is seeing her as well, much to Ben’s relief, as he was embarrassed that he got to see Mara and Luke did not. Ben did not disturb them, allowing them to be alone. Instead, he lay down on his pillow, letting his tears fall softly as he went to sleep.



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