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Revenge of the Sith

Games > PlayStation 2

Star Wars: Episode III:
Revenge of the Sith

Release date:
May 5, 2005

Distributed by:
The Collective / LucasArts

Third-person Action

Single Player / Multi Player
(Same screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
19 BBY


Fans find both sides of the Force, in this combat-oriented adventure based on the conclusive, sixth feature film in Star Wars franchise. Like the movie, the game revolves around the camaraderie and conflict between its two protagonists; a student gifted with powers far too great to be constrained by his own will alone, and a teacher too devoted to honor and tradition to prevent the future he dreads most.

As Anakin Skywalker, players will learn to command the unbridled power of the Dark Side, with vicious, vengeful Force power attacks and an explosively violent style of light saber fighting. As Obi-Wan Kenobi, players will ply the concentrated control and deadly effectiveness of the Light Side styles.

The adventure take place in franchise-familiar places such as the Galactic Senate Dome and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as well as new locations introduced in Episode III. Players will encounter important characters like Yoda, Mace Windu, Commander Cody, Count Dooku, and others, as the paths of the two heroes gradually diverge; one turning toward the Dark Side, and all the power it offers, and the other holding true to the Light, even at all costs.

Bacta tanks located throughout each level can heal wounded characters, while other hidden power-ups may bestow permanent increases to health and force capacity, or new light saber skills. Revenge of the Sith also supports two-player light saber fighting, and as gamers make their way through the single-player game, they'll unlock each boss character they defeat for use in this multiplayer dueling mode.

Game Codes & Cheats

Password Cheats:
Enter these passwords at the codes menu:
BELSAVIS - Fast regen of Force & Health
XUCPHRA - Unlimited Health
KAIBURR - Unlimited Force
SUPERSABERS - Super Sabre mode
JAINA - All Jedi powers and Force moves
KORRIBAN - Unlocks all story missions
NARSHADDAA - Unlocks all bonus missions
TANTIVEIV - Unlocks all duel arenas
AAYLASECURA - Unlocks all concept art
COMLINK - Unlocks all movie clips
ZABRAK - Unlocks all duelists
021282 - Unlocks all bonuses

Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 2 console games can also be played on PlayStation 3 consoles with the following model numbers:
CECHA _ _ / CECHB _ _ / CECHC _ _ / CECHD _ _ / CECHE _ _ / CECHF _ _
(The PS3 model number is found on the backside of the console and is followed by two digits - Example: CECHE01)



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