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Rogue Squadron III

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Release date:
October 21, 2003

Distributed by:
Factor 5 / LucasArts

Multi-Genre Action

Single Player / Multi Player
(Split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0 BBY - 4 ABY


The Star Wars flight combat series that began on the PC in 1998 continues with the exclusive GameCube release of Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. Unlike previous titles in the Factor 5-developed series, players can now leave their spacecraft to continue missions on foot. The worlds and characters from the original trilogy once again shape the game's storyline, so players will explore snow-covered Hoth, the forest planet Endor, and the sand dunes of Tattooine, and even trudge through the boggy swamps of Dagobah. For the first time in a Rogue Squadron game, players can participate in third-person shooting and driving stages in addition to space combat.

The game features a total of 13 missions and seven bonus stages, the latter unlocked after earning coveted gold medals for top performances on certain levels. Luke Skywalker will weave through trees on a speeder bike, Chewbacca will hijack an AT-ST to fight alongside Ewoks, Han Solo must protect Leia while trying to escape from Hoth, and Luke can ride a Tauntaun or latch onto the bellies of advancing AT-ATs before bringing them down with well-placed thermal detonators. None of the main game's missions have been duplicated from its 2001 predecessor, only expanded upon. Players, as Luke, will rescue Leia on the original Death Star, for example, but will not go on the offensive strike to destroy it.

The main narrative has players choosing between two different campaigns following characters Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles. The latter character offers an entire campaign of flight missions inspired by the original trilogy but not based on specific film scenes. Choosing Luke Skywalker will offer the complete Star Wars experience for movie fans. As a special bonus, all missions included in 2001's Star Wars: Rogue Leader are playable in a two-player cooperative mode. Viewed in a horizontal split-screen, these missions allow one player to complete one objective while a friend works on fulfilling another. Versus and Capture-the-Base multiplayer modes are also available for competition.

Game Codes & Cheats

Password Cheats:
Enter these passwords at the passcode screen. For the codes with more than one part, enter the first part of the code and you will hear a beeping implying that you entered it incorrectly. Immediately enter the next portion of the code and you should get the correct R2-D2 beeping telling you it has been entered:

HARKHARK - Unlocks the Music Hall
!KOOLART - Unlocks the Art Gallery
WHATTHE? - Unlocks Audio Commentary
THEDUDES - Unlocks Documentary
LOOKMOM! - Unlocks Credits

IIOUAOYE then WIMPIAM! - Gives infinite lives in Co-Op and Single-Player
QZCRPTG! then HANSRIDE - Unlocks the Millennium Falcon
RTWCVBSH then BFNAGAIN - Unlocks Naboo Starfighter
BBGMYWSX then JEDIWHO? - Unlocks the Jedi Starfighter
TGBCWLPN then ZZBOUNTY - Unlocks the Slave 1
MCKEMAKD then ONESHOT! - Unlocks the TIE fighter
JASDJWFA then !DABOMB! - Unlocks Tie Bomber
VDX?WK!H then ANOKSHIP - Unlocks the TIE Advance
FRRVBMJK then LOOKOUT! - Unlocks the Tie Hunter
AXCBPRHK then WHATTHE? - Unlocks the Buick
LOOKOUT! - Unlocks the T-16 Skyhopper

RTJPFC!G then TIMEWARP - Unlocks Star Wars Arcade
!H!F?HXS then KOOLSTUF - Unlocks Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game
!?ATH!RD then GAME?YES - Unlocks Return of the Jedi Arcade Game
FREEPLAY - Get free tokens for the arcade machine
EEQQ?YPL then CHE!ATER - Unlocks all regular and bonus missions in Single-Player
SWGRCQPL then UCHEATED - Unlocks all regular missions in Co-Op

RWALPIGC then NOWAYOUT - Asteroid Field level in co-operative mode
FRLL!CSF then FARMBOY? - Beggar's Canyon Race in co-operative mode
YFCEDFRH then DSAGAIN? - Death Star Escape level in co-operative mode
WPX?FGC! then EXCERSIZ - Endurance level in co-operative mode

Backward Compatibility

Nintendo GameCube console games can also be played on the newer Nintendo Wii console. GameCube Controller and GameCube Memory Card is required to play GameCube games on Nintendo Wii.



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