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John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
April 1, 1998

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.9 ABY



Tash, Zak, and Uncle Hoole stop on the planet Ithor for supplies, including a mineral the Shroud needs for its engines. The mineral isn't available on Ithor, but one of the Ithorians knows where they can find it—on a mining colony in the middle of a space slug-filled asteroid belt. The journey to the colony is filled with many dangers. But nothing prepares Hoole, Tash, and Zak for what they meet when they reach their destination. An ancient life-form has been released from its tomb. It has lurked there, waiting, for many years. It cannot be seen. It is made from pure evil. And its name is Spore.


The 'Shroud' stops off for supplies at the 'Tefanda Bay', a city-ship orbiting Ithor. The Aranda's meet a female Ithorian High Priest named Fandomar (wife of Momaw Nadon, Tatooine's "Hammerhead"). They get everything they need except the rare mineral ethromite.

Fandomar takes them to a nearby asteroid mining colony. The miners agree to give Hoole ethromite if he will help them solve a little mystery: a mysterious cavern tomb left there long ago by Ithorians. When they open the tomb, a sudden cave-in seals them off from the others. Tash takes a dangerous shaft to try to find help - and runs into the Imperial Dark Jedi Jerec, who stakes a claim on the asteroid. However, the tomb is now empty - and one man is dead.

The asteroid goes unstable and prepares to explode. Fandomar accidentally forces the rescue ship to crash on Ithor, then starts wailing that everyone is doomed - "Spore" a parasitic monster of pure evil that can infect others to make them like itself, is free again. With Zak infected, Tash and Fandomar watch in horror as Jerec offers Spore an entire Imperial army to infect, to serve as Jerec's private army against the Emperor. Spore accept and agree to follow Jerec to his Star Destroyer. Tash and Fandomar also sneak aboard Jerec's shuttle, and go from there to the Star Destroyer 'Vengeance'. Spore quickly spread throughout the Imperial ship, taking over enough crew to operate the Star Destroyer. However, Tash Arranda and Fandomar infiltrated the ship, seized Hoole and Zak Arranda, and escaped aboard a pair of Starfly spacecraft, designed to flit through asteroid fields.

They were able to lure Spore and the Vengeance into the asteroid belt where the ship was attacked by a pair of space slugs. It was insufficiently adept at operating the Vengeance to escape swiftly. The slugs managed to bring down the shields, whereupon the Vengeance was repeatedly hulled by multiple asteroids. The exposure to vacuum caused Spore to go dormant, but Jerec had already escaped in another Starfly.



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