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Star Wars Chess

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Star Wars Chess

Release date:
June 15, 1993

Published by:
Software Toolworks

Strategy Board Game

Single Player / Multi Player
(Same screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0 BBY - 4 ABY


Luke Skywalker is your King and Princess Leia is actually a Queen in this 3D animated chess game. You can however also choose to govern the evil Galactic Empire and then have Darth Vader as your King. After you've selected your move, each character comes to life and has special skills that'll have this chess match seem like more than just a board game. Chewbacca can take out a stormtrooper with his crossbow as he helps you take over the board. The game is completed only after Luke and Darth Vader have a final lightsaber duel to the death. Overall the graphics are well done for a 1993 computer game.

There is also voice output by the characters with some well known sentences such as "Now you know the power of the dark side", "Use the force Luke" and the chirping by R2-D2 which adds nicely to the atmosphere of the game.

As far as the actual chess portion, there are difficulty levels and a two player option. Some tweaking is available for faster gameplay.



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