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Star Wars Math

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Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy

Release date:
September 1, 2000

Published by:
Lucas Learning

Mathematical educational game

Single Player / Multi Player
(Same screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32.5 BBY


Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy features various arithmetic activities set in the intergalactic universe. After signing your character in, you find yourself on Mos Espa; an exuberant town filled with many types of games.

Based on an ancient form of checkers, Holochex requires you to capture your opponent's critters while at the same time he or she is trying to bag yours. You must jump enemy monsters when possible. Whoever captures the most monsters collects a number of credits commensurate with the level of difficulty being played (50, 100 or 200 for easy, medium and hard respectively). Additionally, one credit is earned for each monster captured.

Featuring Podracer Sebulba, Dueling Dice adds pit droids to various platforms based on the number rolled. Each level has a target number of pit droids and when you exceed this number, you forfeit the droids and lose the game. In order to win, you must calculate various game cards (subtraction and addition) and solve the given equations. Credits are awarded based on how well you do.

Much like it sounds, Digotto is a numbers-based game where the objective is to reach pre-set target numbers using droids. Droids feature various digits and you must place them throughout dishes and slots, each representing a certain number. Additionally, you can place unwanted digit droids in a cage. After you meet the mission objective, you'll be awarded credits based on the difficulty setting.

As a board game, Ratts' Race features a winding road to victory and lots of math questions! There are various squares of different colors located on the board representing addition, subtraction, multiplication, equivalency and geometry. Whoever reaches the end of the path first wins the Naboo Globe of Peace.

Using credits earned in the various games and activities, Watto's Shop allows you to collect parts and pieces of junk. Parts are used in the creation of a spaceship including wings, hulls, engines, shield boosters, radiators and more. After collecting various pieces and parts, you can proceed to the Ship Hanger where you test your parts and assemble the spaceship of your dreams!

If you're not sure which pieces go where and what parts are still needed, you can access a blueprint screen that contains the relevant information. This section contains upgrade parts such as energy cells, shield boosters and blaster radiators. Three different view options (render, wireframe and plan) are available. Additionally, you can paint the spaceship any color you'd like or print out the blueprints.

After the ship has been assembled, blast off into the uncharted reaches of space and aide Watto in the segment known as Collecting Space Junk! He'll give you specific instructions as to which pieces of junk he's looking for and you'll need to maneuver your spaceship over pieces pertaining to the instructions.

After you've successfully collected the correct pieces, you receive a cash payment from Watto. Additionally, there is a junk counter on the HUD as well as shield and energy power-ups located throughout space. Pay close attention to your speed, junk scanner, blaster temperature, shields and fuel; all are important.

Once you've built the ship and collected the junk, you can return to your home planet. Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy features various difficulty settings pertaining to individual games and sound and graphical options including brightness, movie quality and volume.

The games are multiplayer in that two children can learn and compete together. The instruction manual offers information on the included lesson plans, a summary of skills and suggested learning activities outside or inside the home.



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