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Star Wars:

Release date:
February 19, 2001

Distributed by:

Arcade Space Simulator

Single Player / Multi Player
(Unlockable split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32 BBY


There is a storm brewing around the tiny planet of Naboo, one that has the possibility of spilling over into the slippery world of politics making up the Republic. The long era of peace that has brought such prosperity to the galaxy cannot last forever, and there are those at Coruscant who would benefit greatly if that peace is threatened or shattered.

Star Wars: Starfighter doesn't focus on the particular epic and heroic struggle that you might be thinking of. While this title from LucasArts does focus on the events surrounding Episode I, it does so from the perspective of characters not present in the movie. In place of familiar names such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn are three different pilots: the young and inexperienced Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows, the beautiful and dangerous mercenary Vana Sage, and the infamous pirate Nym.

The story is told through the unique perspectives of the three pilots, winding back and forth among them as the game progresses. This of course means that players will be taking on each of their roles in the 14 different missions within the game. It also means that they will have the opportunity to fly each of the crafts that belong to the pilots: Rhys's Naboo starfighter, Vana's quick and nimble Guardian Mantis, and Nym's bulking and powerful Havoc. Each of the ships has its own specialties, ranging from speed to firepower.

The missions take place in either deep space or closer to the ground, and each of the different environments possesses its own characteristics, from mountains to canyons to flat lands. The mission objectives are varied, but many of them revolve around the protection of a specific object, be it a friendly craft or shield generator that cannot be destroyed lest the Trade Federation gain the ability to take the upper hand in the conflict.

While there are no branching missions in this game, there are extra bonus objectives that, once completed, will give players medals that can be used to unlock secret levels, from special training missions to two different two-player missions: a dogfight and a capture-the-flag type challenge.

One of the features in Star Wars: Starfighter is the ability to zoom in on targets as you fire at them, giving players the ability to spray even distant enemies with gunfire. There are also several missions in which players can command their wingmen to do various tasks, from attacking the incoming fighters to defending either themselves or the target they've been sent to protect. There are radio voices in the game, as well as the visuals and sounds that players have come to expect from a Star Wars title.

Game Codes & Cheats

Password Cheats:
Enter the following passwords in the Code Setup menu:
OVERSEER - Master Code that unlocks everything in the game except the bonus multi-player missions.
ANDREW - Bonus multi-player missions.
BLUENSF - Secret Bonus Mission Craft.
MINIME - Invincible Mode.
WOZ - Christmas Video.
CREDITS - Credits.
DIRECTOR - Digital Director.
LTDJGD - Hidden Message.
JAMEZ - Hidden Slide Show.
PLANETS - Preliminary Art.
SHIPS - Ship Gallery.
HEROES - View Character Sketches .
SIMON - Simon Day Photo.
TEAM - Development Team Photo.

Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 2 console games can also be played on PlayStation 3 consoles with the following model numbers:
CECHA _ _ / CECHB _ _ / CECHC _ _ / CECHD _ _ / CECHE _ _ / CECHF _ _
(The PS3 model number is found on the backside of the console and is followed by two digits - Example: CECHE01)



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