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Starfighter Special Edition

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Star Wars: Starfighter
Special Edition

Release date:
November 26, 2001

Distributed by:
LucasArts / Secret Level

Arcade Space Simulator

Single Player / Multi Player
(Split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
32 BBY


Graphical enhancements and added two-player modes aside, Star Wars: Starfighter Special Edition is essentially a port of the PlayStation 2 original. Based around the exploits of three pilots: Rhys Dallows, Vana Sage, and Nym, the game weaves a narrative that, while concurrent with the events of Episode I, is totally unique to the game. Throughout the title's 19 missions, of which five are exclusive to this edition, players will helm three completely different fighters, each of which is unique to their owner. Rhys' Naboo Starfighter is extremely quick with a modicum of firepower, while Nym's Havoc is slow, but armed to the teeth with energy bombs, triple laser cannons and more. Falling somewhere in between is Vana's Ship, the Guardian Mantis. It's highly maneuverable, but lacks the speed or power of the other two.

The missions themselves run the gamut from standard seek-and-destroy excursions to massive space battles, with five bonus missions making their way into this edition. Certain missions even allow the player to command wing mates, ordering them to defend or attack specific structures and enemies. CG cut-scenes perform the necessary task of setting the stage for upcoming missions, as well as providing some insight into the various characters you're forced to control. LucasArts saw fit to include an additional three multi-player modes in the title, bringing the grand total to five.

Hunter pits two players against each other, one being the requisite hunter, while the other his prey. Capture the Flag and Dogfight are exactly what they sound like, and staples in many a multi-player mode, regardless of genre. Tag and Detonator Drop round out the selection. Detonator Drop is much the same as CTF, but now there's only one flag (a bomb in this case) that everyone must recover. Once retrieved it must be dropped off at an opponent's base before time runs out. Tag requires the designated person to keep an enemy under a beam for ten seconds to score.

Visually, Star Wars: Starfighter Special Edition proves the most accomplished, sporting sharp textures and a smooth frame rate.

Game Codes & Cheats

Password Cheats:
Enter these passwords at the codes menu:
EUROPA - Unlock everything except the multi-player levels.
CREDITS - View Credits
BLUENSF - Experimental N-1 Fighter
EARCHIPS - Invincibility
SHIPS - View Ship Gallery
PLANETS - View Planet Gallery
HEROES - View Hero Gallery
SIMON - View Pictures of Simon
JAMES - View James' Work Day
LATEAM - View LucasArts development team
TEAM - View Development Team
SLTEAM View Secret Level Development Team
SIZZLE - Default Screen

Multiplayer mode:
Beat all 14 missions on any difficulty.
Outpost Attack Mission:
Earn bronze medal in all default missions.
Space Sweep Mission:
Earn silver medal in all default missions.
Darth Maul's Infiltrator Ship:
Earn gold medal in all default missions.
Capture the Flag + Multiplayer Canyon Race:
Get gold medals on all 14 missions.

Charm's Way Mission:
Earn bronze medal in The Royal Escort, Contract Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking The Offensive, The New Resistance, The Final Assault.
Canyon Sprint Mission:
Earn silver medal in the Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu, The Final Assault.
Giant Hotrod:
In Canyon Sprint, beat Essara and get a gold medal.
Guardian Mantis:
Earn gold medal in Contract Infraction, Secrets on Eos, The New Resistance.
Havoc Bomber:
Beat Piracy Above Lok, Valuable Goods, Eye of the Storm, The Crippling Blow, and Last Stand on Naboo with a gold medal on each.
N-1 Starfighter:
Beat Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking the Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue on Solleu, and The Final Assault with gold on each.

Backward Compatibility

Most Xbox console games can also be played on the Xbox 360 console. This requires an Xbox 360 Hard Drive and the latest Backward Compatibility update from Xbox LIVE. >Open Current Game List<



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