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The Battle for Endor


Ewok Adventures:
The Battle for Endor

First TV Air date:
November 24, 1985

Distributed by:
20th Century Fox / Lucasfilm

94 min.

Story by:
George Lucas

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
3.5 ABY



On the moon of Endor, the Towani family prepares to leave. As Cindel’s father works on ship repairs, the Ewok village is attacked by a group of Sanyassan marauders led by King Terak and his witch-like sorceress Charal. Looking for “the power” (starship energy cell) they kill many Ewoks and Cindel’s entire family. Cindel is captured and placed in a prisoner carriage, together with all of the surviving Ewoks, including Wicket.

With the other Ewoks' help, the two make a dangerous escape. Now alone they stroll about and soon meet the speedy creature Teek and his human friend Noa Briqualon, a human man who has also been stranded with his own ship. All he needs to return to space is a new energy cell.
At the marauders' castle, Charal tries to use her magic to draw "the power" from the Towanis’ energy cell, to no avail. She is ordered by Terak to find Cindel, for she must know how to use "the power".

Cindel is soon after kidnapped and Wicket, Teek and Noa head off to rescue her. They find her imprisoned at the castle along side many Ewoks and plan a big breakout. Before they carry out the break they also secure the much needed energy cell. They get away from the castle but the marauders trace them all the way to Noa’s ship. While Wicket leads the Ewoks in defence of the ship, Noa tries to get it up and running so that they can make there escape. Ultimately the hero’s have to deal with both a horde of Sanyassan marauders lead by King Terak and a powerful
sorceress who craves the magic of “the power”.



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