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The Clone Wars

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Star Wars:
The Clone Wars

Release date:
November 28, 2002

Distributed by:

Third-person Vehicular Action

Single Player / Multi Player
(Split screen)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
21.5 BBY


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a vehicular combat game taking place after the conclusion of Star Wars: Episode II. As Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Mace Windu, players will help the Clone Army repel the advances of Count Dooku's Separatist movement. Seven craft are available in 16 missions spanning six different planets. Mission objectives range from attacking key installations to escorting convoys until they safely reach their destination. Missions are completed from within the selected vehicle as it skims across the planet's surface. Along the way are defensive and offensive power-ups to pick up as well as bonus items needed to complete the three optional secondary objectives for each mission.

Playable vehicles include a speeder bike, fighter tank, two-legged assault walker, a maru beast, gunship, mobile assault cannon, and a four-legged assault walker. Each vehicle or creature has a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and a special ability to help players survive the hostile worlds. Players begin on Geonosis for three missions before traveling to Rhen Var, Raxus Prime, Kashyyk Moon, Thule Moon, and Thule itself. The action is played from a third-person perspective behind the vehicle as players blast enemies with the help of a targeting computer and navigate their surroundings using radar. Power-ups come in the form of health packs, ammunition, invincibility, cloaking, disintegration fields, and super blasters.

The GameCube version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars supports up to four players on a split screen. Four multiplayer modes include Duel, Control Zone, Conquest, and Jedi Academy. Duel is a free-for-all, while Control Zone is a fight to capture and defend a section of territory from rival players. Conquest is a team-based strategy game where players fight to claim territory and buildings by entering specific zones. The more buildings are claimed, the more units can be built to destroy the opposing side's headquarters. Jedi Academy offers players two scenarios with the same objective: work together to destroy wave after wave of computer-controlled enemies. One of the scenarios is played on foot as players use the Jedi Force Push technique and their lightsabers to defeat enemies.

Game Codes & Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Enter the specific code to get the desired effect:
1WITHFORCE - Invincibility
CHOSEN1 - Unlimited Ammo
GASMASK - Unlocks All Missions
FRAGFIESTA - Unlock All Multiplayer Maps
CINEMA - Unlocks All Cinematic Cutscenes
SAYCHEESE - Unlocks Team Photos in the Sketchbook

Backward Compatibility

Nintendo GameCube console games can also be played on the newer Nintendo Wii console. GameCube Controller and GameCube Memory Card is required to play GameCube games on Nintendo Wii.



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