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The Doomsday Ship

Novels > Original Trilogy Novels > Galaxy of Fear

The Doomsday Ship

John Whitman

Bantam Spectra

Release date:
June 1, 1998

Galaxy of Fear (Young Reader Novels)

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.9 ABY



Bug swarms, space slugs, brains on legs, mad Imperial scientists — Zak has had enough! He's glad to be on board the luxury space yacht, Star of Empire, where at last, there's peace and quiet.

Until—"Abandon ship! Critical meltdown!" As a blaring siren sounds, panic-stricken passengers rush to get off the ship. Everyone evacuates … except Zak and Tash. But to their relief, nothing happens. There's no meltdown, no explosion. Everything is fine. Except that the ship's exits are sealed and all communications have been shut down. Zak and Tash are trapped. And they are not alone.


En route to Dantooine to hide, the Aranda's book passage on the 'Star of Empire'. Tash stumbles upon an article about the Jedi, one Emperor Palpatine missed destroying. Zak is tricked by a computer technician named Malik into shutting down all power on the ship. Captain Hajj hurriedly turns it back on, then explains that Malik is a relative of some high-up Imperial official who arranged this assignment. Tash and Zak run into Dash Rendar. Just Zak is getting friendly with SIM (the artificial intelligence that runs the ship), the order is given to abandon ship. In the confusion, a bald scarred man throws the children in a storage closet. By the time they get out, everyone on the ship is gone. In addition, the ship does not explode. However, all systems are out - the ship is being sabotaged.

Dash Rendar appears again - he stayed behind on purpose. Attacked by ship's droids, they are rescued by Captain Hajj and a few of his officers. SIM tells Zak that it thinks Dash is the saboteur. Moreover, as the crew is picked off one by one by various mishaps, Zak accuses Dash openly. However, when Captain Hajj and the last crewmember are killed with Dash in full view, it hits them - it is Malik. SIM insists that they get to the control room. When Zak gets there and starts getting SIM back on line, Malik appears with a blaster. A very afraid Malik. A Malik who says SIM is the real villain, a computer infiltration program that can turn any ship into a weapon. Moreover, when Dash stuns him and Zak finishes the activation, it turns out Malik is right...



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