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The Final Prophecy

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The Final Prophecy

Greg Keyes

Del Rey

Release date:
October 1, 2003

The New Jedi Order

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
28.75 ABY



The troubles for the embattled living planet Zonama Sekot have just begun. As Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo negotiate its place in the galactic struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong, one of its organic ships is taken by the alien invaders. Scientist Nen Yim is ordered to use the captive to find weak spots in Zonama Sekot's technology. But what Nen Yim discovers about the planet and its mysteries shocks her to the core. Clearly her people have gone terribly astray. For the peace-loving planet harbors not only the key to its own destruction, but the long-forgotten secrets of the Yuuzhan Vong themselves.

Meanwhile, General Wedge Antilles, commanding one fleet in a three-pronged campaign to retake the Bilbringi system, is suddenly stranded deep in Yuuzhan Vong space, cut off from all contact. Wedge and his ships must rely on trickery and brilliant battle tactics if they are to survive long enough to ensure the success of one of the deadliest and most crucial missions the Galactic Alliance forces have ever seen....


Corran Horn, Tahiri Veila, Harrar, Nen Yim, and the Prophet Yu'shaa arrive at Zonama Sekot. None of the outworlders realize, however, that Yu'shaa is actually Nom Anor, the Yuuzhan Vong who plans to destroy the living world. A three-pronged attack to retake Bilbringi, led by General Wedge Antilles fails due to the HoloNet being destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.



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