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Star Wars: X-Wing

Release date:
February 2, 1993

Published by:
LucasArts / Totally Games

Space combat simulation

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
0.5 BBY - 0.5 ABY


The Star Wars universe comes to life in Star Wars: X-Wing. Flying for the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire, you pilot X-wings, Y-wings and A-wings through many missions as you advance in rank. Missions range in difficulty, featuring everything from the simplicity of destroying enemy frigates to the complexity of defeating a Star Destroyer, or even the Death Star itself. The training grounds and historical missions will help you hone your skills as you prepare for your three tours of duty.

From the cockpit you must monitor your shield and laser power, pilot your ship, and of course, blow away Imperial ships such as TIE fighters, TIE bombers and TIE interceptors. You'll even encounter the occasional Star Destroyers! Communications are possible with your wingman, as you tell him to cover you or to attack/ignore a target. A camera feature is also included, which enables you to replay your dogfights and watch from a third-person perspective. With the full-screen cinematic sequences, you might just think you've stepped into a Star Wars movie.

Star Wars: X-wing Tour of Duty: Imperial Pursuit was the first expansion pack for the Star Wars: X-wing video game. Once installed, the Imperial Pursuit missions appeared as "Tour of Duty IV" in the game. The story continues after the destruction of the Death Star and tells of the struggles of the rebels to find a new base. There is also a new Imperial ship: The TIE Advanced.

Star Wars: X-wing Tour of Duty: B-wing was the second expansion pack for the Star Wars: X-wing video game. Once installed, the B-wing missions appeared as "Tour of Duty V" in the game. The story covers the production of a new craft, the B-Wing, and its delivery to the Rebellion. The tour ends with the Rebels' arrival on Hoth.

Note: The two releases of the X-Wing game in the "BUY MEDIA" window, includes both expansion packs and enhanced graphics compared to the original release in 1993.

Game Codes & Cheats

Unlimited Ammo:
During flight type
WIN for unlimited ammo. Note: This only works in a very few versions of the game.

During the mission press the
Esc button. Use the bar at the to of the screen. That will move you to the next screen. At the bottom of the screen there will be three bars in a group. Click all three bars one time. Then go back to the mission. You will be able to pass through objects, be unkillable, and have unlimited weapons. Note: This only works in a very few versions of the game.

B-Wing Historic Mission 6 (Death Star Trench):
If you turn the detail to its lowest setting, most of the difficult obstacles will not appear. For example with the detail on maximum there are several yellow girders that stretch across the width of the trench which you have to avoid. With the detail down most of these will be gone, making the mission much easier.



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