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Yoda's Challenge

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Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge

Release date:
August 17, 1999

Published by:
Lucas Learning

General educational game

Single Player

Star Wars Saga Timeline:
31.75 BBY


Join Yoda in the Jedi Council Chamber! Select from six challenging missions that will transport you to Naboo and Tatooine. Build and sharpen your skills through math, reading and music activities while playing in the exciting world of Star Wars: Episode 1.

Each activity features 20 to 40 preset puzzles organized into four levels. The levels are designed to gradually increase in difficulty and complexity, introducing new concepts and challenges along the way. Change the color-coded levels at any time; play the activities in any order.

Yoda's Challenge offers a variety of positive feedback for young Jedi. In certain activities, you can earn original illustrated pictures of Episode 1 characters and vehicles. In the cantina, print out sheet music, including notes and lyrics. Complete all difficulty levels in each activity and you can print a certificate of completion, issued by the Jedi master himself, Yoda!

Yoda Teaches: Critical Thinking, Music Skills, Map Reading, Spatial Orientation, Rhythm, Reading, Planning, Vocabulary, Model Building and Geometry

Discover 6 Exciting Adventures:

Race to the Finish!
To celebrate the victory at Naboo, Queen Amidala and Jar-Jar Binks challenge each other to a friendly race at the city of Theed. The player's mission is to help one of the two contestants plan a route that brings about a victory. Children need to study maps, research the strengths and weaknesses of the animals ridden, and make rapid time-over-distance decisions. Kids quickly learn that Jar-Jar's kaadu is great through water and swamps but can be beaten in the mountains or forests!

Trap the Droids!
After the Battle of Naboo, some Destroyer droids and Battle droids were left behind. The player's mission is to help Jar-Jar disable these droids by activating traps. Each trap has a unique secret rhythm that can be played on one or all of three drums. The challenge is to repeat the secret rhythm as the droid crosses the trap.

Explore a Naboo Swamp Cave!
During the Battle of Naboo, the Gungans hid many of their relics in the caves of Naboo. The mission here is to unlock the doors hiding the relics by finding gems located in the caves. Children navigate through the caves using relative (right/left) and/or cardinal (north, south, east, and west) directions. This highly inventive activity lets children learn navigation by vocal direction, map reading, and written direction.

Help Jar Jar!
Jar-Jar, being the bumbling Gungan that he is, has accidentally jumbled the Queen's database. By solving tangram puzzles (geometric shapes), children restore order to the computer and are rewarded with printable pictures and information about a character or ship from the movie.

Jam with the Cantina Band!
In this mission, kids get to jam with the famous Cantina band from Tatooine. In a progression of musical challenges, children learn how to read music. They also have the opportunity to compose and listen to their own music. All music can be printed.

Help Program C-3PO's Memory!
Since C-3PO is a protocol droid but still in his infancy, the player needs to help program C-3PO with stories from the Star Wars universe. To do this, children must "decode" stories by looking at the shapes words make and matching words to their shape shadows. When constructing sentences, C-3PO will read out loud every word and only the correct word will click into place. Decode enough sentences, and a story is told.



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